Map The Supply Chain Paper

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Map the Supply Chain Paper

November 3, 2015

Map the Supply Chain Paper

The steps that are involved in getting a product from the producer to the consumer and all of the companies that come into contact with the product make up the product’s supply chain. This paper will map out the supply chain for bottled water. While bottled water is not proven to be significantly healthier or better than tap water, it is the world’s fasted growing beverage with 50 billion water bottles used in the United States alone. The cost of bottled water is up to 1,000 times higher than that of tap water, yet on average a third of all servings of water consumed by Americans is ...view middle of the document...

The manufacturer is also responsible for the advertising of the water, which usually focuses on leading the consumer to believe that it is much purer and better than the water they drink from the tap. Creating a label which capitalizes on this strategy and showing a pretty mountain landscape for instance is also part of the advertising.
The manufacturer of bottle water generally partners with carriers to transport the water to the distributors.
According to statista the breakdown by distribution channel of bottled water sales in the United States is as follows ("Share of U.S. bottled water sales by distribution channel 2013 | Statistic," 2015)
Mass merchandisers, club stores, dollar stores, online 57.9%
Grocery stores 25.3%
Convenience stores 4.5%
Drug stores 2.8%
Vending, food service, and other sales 9.5%
Much of the bottled water is shipped directly to the distributors which reduces the need for warehouse storage.
The distributors of bottled water are wholesalers and retailers which also have responsibility for the display of the product in the stores, their own advertising to attract consumers and the sales transaction. Bottled water is literally sold everywhere and can be found as individual bottles in coolers or stocked on shelves in packages of various sizes. Outside of retail locations it is also distributed in vending machines which can be found in malls, office buildings, and many more places as well as in restaurants.
The perception is that bottled water tastes better and is much...

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