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Marc Jacobs Essay

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Investigate the designers influence on current trends:

Sources of Inspiration that motivate the designer’s ideas, including cultural and historical influences?
• Marc Jacobs is mostly inspired by the fashions from past decades, mainly from the 40’s up to the 80’s.
• Jacobs immersed himself in club culture as a teen.
• Was driven towards fashion when he lived with his grandmother as a teenager, where he watched all the beautiful people walk past and immersed himself in all their stunning fashion.
• Jacobs still uses the beautiful people in his life as inspiration, his current girls that inspire him are the ‘fruitful crowd of cool girls that surround him’ some of these ‘cool girls’ ...view middle of the document...

He used her look of the wide brimmed hat and frizzy hair on his models.
• Some quotes that Jacob has said about his inspiration and range of clothing are:
-“Wanted to inject a little of the hedonism of the 70’s into fashion, particularly after the neobourgeois wave that considerably subdued the fall collection”
-“What i prefer is that even if someone feels hedonistic, they don’t look it. Curiosity about sex is much more interesting to me than domination... my clothes are not hot. Never never”
-“I kind of like whets strict and disciplined right now. I’m tired of everything being all over the place”
-“I like romantic allusions to the past: what the babysitter wore, what the art teacher wore, what I wore during my experimental days in fashion when I was going to the Mudd Club and wanted to be a New Wave kid or a punk kid but was really a poseur. It's the awkwardness of posing and feeling like I was in, but I never was in. Awkwardness gives me great comfort”

Focus area- what type of items is this person famous for?
• Apparel -
-‘Little Marc’ (Baby clothing line)
-‘Marc Jacobs collection’
-‘Marc by Marc Jacobs’
• High end runway fashion
• Handbags
• Clutches
• Hats
• Jewellery
• Iphone Covers
• Laptop pouches

Background and career path- how did they get where they are?
• Marc Jacobs was born to a New York non-observant Jewish family on April 9th in 1963, and has grown up to be a very successful American fashion designer. Jacobs has grown to have over 200 retail stores in 60 countries.
• Jacobs’s father died when he was the age of 7 and his mother was ‘Mentally ill’ and ‘didn’t really take care of her kids’ which led to Jacobs living with his paternal grandmother as a teenager. His new home was on the upper west side in an apartment in the Majestic. It was in this apartment that he observed all the beautiful people walking past in central park which inspired him to become a fashion designer.
• Jacobs graduated from ‘High school of art and design’ in 1981 and then went on to further his study and studied at ‘Parsons School of design’ in New York.
• At age 15 Jacobs got his first job as a stock-boy at ‘Charivari’ a now non operating once high class and expensive clothing boutique in New York, by working as a stock-boy at a clothing boutique it increased young Jacobs desire for fashion.
• While still studying at Parsons, Jacobs designed and sold his own first line of hand-knit sweaters. He was taught his expert knitting skills from his grandmother. As-well as making and selling his own sweaters he also designed his first collection for ‘Reuben Thomas’ under the sketchbook label.
• In mid 1980’s Robert Duffy, Jacobs creative collaborator made their own business called “Jacob Duffy Designs inc”
• In 1986 Jacobs was backed by Onward Kashiyama USA Inc to design and create his very first collection which beared the Marc Jacobs label
• In the fall of 1993, Jacob Duffy Designs Inc launched their own licensing and design company...

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