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March Maddness Ncaa Tournament Essay

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NCAA College BasketballBasketball is the best sport to watch, at least in my opinion, the NBA is awesome but what's even better is the NCAA college basketball. I like it a lot more then the NBA because it's more intense it keeps me on the edge of my seat threw the whole game. It's November and it's the beginning of the 2004 season and I'm very excited to watch my teams dominate there conference and the rest of the league. I have two favorite teams that I watch and root for; the Arizona Wildcats I like this team because of there good smart players, and there coach which has a unique style of coaching and is ...view middle of the document...

The NCAA 2004 basketball season will be a very interesting season for me and my two teams, each of them are losing good key players because they were either drafted to the NBA or it was there senior year and had to leave college. The Wildcats lost three starting players to the NBA but are gaining two to ten recruited players from high school, I'm very anxious to see how this team performs without there seniors. The Terrapins did not lose to many players so I think they will be a powerhouse in there conference once again.One of the main reasons I pay so much attention to college basketball is because of March Madness, a tournament made up of the best teams in each conference and the top 25 teams in the league. This is the best part of the season because the best of the best go head-to-head fighting to become the 2004 NCAA March Madness champion. When my teams earn a spot in the tournament it makes college basketball the best thing in the world. My friends and I also place bets on the tournament challenging each and everyone's knowledge of the teams status, betting only makes March Madness ten times better.This year's season has already begun, and I am expecting my teams to do very well and maybe clinch a spot in the tournament, I guess I'll have to wait and see. I have a lot of confidence in Arizona, which is my favorite team out of the two, to do well with there new recruits, so good luck to them and I will be watching them every step of the way.

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