Margaret Thatcher Essay

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Margaret Thatcher was the daughter of a small-town grocer who rose to become Britain's first woman prime minister. She was called the iron lady for being so strong. She was a very serious minded girl when she was young. Margaret liked to do her level best at everything that she tried. She loved to win. She was not shy at all. When she was nine years old, she won a poetry-reading contest at her elementary school. Her principal congratulated her and said she was lucky. Margaret responded, " I wasn't lucky, I deserved it." All together, you may understand that she is very determined.When she was ...view middle of the document...

Soon she began attending local conservative parties. For all of her hard work, they elected her to run for a seat in the House of Commons as a candidate. She was an amazing woman to be trying so hard at such a young age, she was the youngest woman in Great Britain, she was twenty-three. When Margaret had met Denis Thatcher, a businessman who was ten years older then her and divorced, they became great friends, then a year later they got married.From all her interests in law, she started to study it. After a load of hard work, she put her hands on being junior minister. Junior minister is a great achievement. Her hard work had finally paid off so well. Unfortunately, she had to give up; the conservative party lost the election. When she thought she had lost all her effort and attempt in everything, she became the chief spokesperson for transport. She was a very well respected spokesperson; she paid all her attention and consideration toward the people and heard them out. Out of her concern towards her work and people, she was named as minister of education and science. She believed very strongly in education. Margaret Thatcher is deserved to be remembered, for she is such an important woman! She made it hit everyone in the face that women do not have to be men to do a man's job. Women can be whatever they want to be.


The Crest And Crashing Of Ownership

1267 words - 6 pages could care less about which instant coffee they get. Ownership determines a lot from the pride a person feels to who they vote for. Naomi Klein, a Canadian journalist, wrote how Margaret Thatcher, part of Britain’s Tory party, used the concept of ownership to appeal to the public. Thatcher allowed consumers to buy houses at cheaper prices, the only problem was if the consumer did not become a home owner their rent were doubled thus, leading to

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1327 words - 6 pages . It is conservative traditional policy to raise the standards of education, law and order and health (welfare state). Today’s conservative party also believe on raisings standards of education, health and law and order. So they have increased the budget for all the welfare state which include N.H.S and law and order departments. But it is also a fact that Margaret thatcher believed on low

Women`s rights in elections

466 words - 2 pages government.Despite the fact that the majority of politicians are men, women`s attendance to that, which we are used to call directly men`s business, cannot be excluded. What I mean by this is that every female is able to demonstrate brilliantly their best features even in politic sphere. The good examples of this are Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, Angela Merkel, who are undoubtedly considered to be the most famous women-politicians of the modernity

Health and Social Care

2333 words - 10 pages is more | | | | | |efficient | | |The New Right |In 1970 the new right was invented, it was |The protection of rights to |Additionally, the New Rights main | | | |created by Margaret Thatcher who was in the |education, housing, and

Outline and Critically Assess the Key Assumptions Underpinning Approaches to Crime Prevention

3181 words - 13 pages would like to take this information just as a fact. As Margaret Thatcher said “There is no such thing! There are individual men and women and there are families and no government can do anything except through people and people look to themselves first.” Situational crime prevention scheme fits the described situation. As it was said above, it is offender-centred strategy, which focus is on stopping crime being committed. It believes that

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2201 words - 9 pages responsibility to which it has led’. More directly, he argues that ‘responsibility to be effective must be individual responsibility’.’’ (George, V & Wilding. P, 1985: 22) To analyse this statement, there is a way in which a welfare state is being singled out as the major driving force behind a culture of laziness which is now prevalent in the modern day world. Margaret Thatcher, the former prime minister of Britain never minced her words in

Women's Suffrage

1252 words - 6 pages Act of 1928 was passed. This set identical voting qualifications for men and women. So women and men of 21 years of age could vote. In 1929 British Trade Union leader Margaret G. Bondfield became the 1st women cabinet member in British history, and in 1979 Margaret Thatcher became 1st women Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Victory had finally been won after a century of fighting, their dreams has come true. In this paper I told you a lot a bought the European suffrage movement of Women. I also showed you that the women in England started behind the women elsewhere in Europe. The women in France had the right to vote before the women in England did.

The United Kingdom and India: A Study of Gender and Economic/Regional Cleavages

2456 words - 10 pages five whips are women. Moreover, the 1997 election doubled women's representation in the House of Commons with the election of 10 1 female Labour MPs. The Conservative Party, on the other hand, is most reluctant to change. Although the Conservative government was led by Margaret Thatcher in 1979 (Makepeace 1), only thirteen women were elected MPs in the 1997 election, the same number as in the 1931 election. Other opposition parties elected only six

The Chinese Trend in the Global Financial Crisis

707 words - 3 pages the opportunity to improve the Chinese economic position in the world. Finally, it also a chance to build a strict system of Chinese financial markets and institutions. Conclusion: The effect of the financial crisis is profound and lasting. It makes free and uncontrolled capitalism which started from Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Wilson Reagan in 1980s ebb. And government prevention becomes popular. This financial crisis for Western developed

Women's Rights

923 words - 4 pages Woman—to many, she is God’s most complete creation. She symbolizes independence, love, caring, gentleness and intensity – both in love and in hate. More intelligent and emotionally stronger than man, why as she been called Adam’s better half? Undoubtedly women endure much more pain than men do. I challenge any man to go through even half the pain a woman goes through during labor. Margaret Thatcher, Benazir Bhutto Indira Gandhi have shown

Mathematic Achievement

739 words - 3 pages Margaret Thatcher once said: “Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and important, although difficult, is the highroad to pride, self-esteem, and personal satisfaction.” This says, to me, that while pride, self-esteem and personal satisfaction can be achieved in any number of ways, the best way to achieve this is to choose something difficult, morally right and of importance. In other words, the achievement of doing something that

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3203 words - 13 pages INTRODUCTION John Major as a successor to Margaret Thatcher was always going to find life difficult. He says himself he rejected any talk of his creating 'Majorism' as Margaret created 'Thatcherism', claiming instead that "The Conservative Party does not belong to any one individual" . His priorities (at least initially) as he saw them were clear; inflation, inflation, inflation. Further to that, he aimed to reduce unemployment

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