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Maria Montessori Essay

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Laurel Ulrich once stated “Well behaved women rarely seldom make history”. Throughout history her quote has been proved time and time again. Women who abide to the obstacles placed by society seldom make history or do anything incredible during their lifetime. Women who fight the obstacles accomplish amazing things . Maria Montessori is a prime example of a woman who pushed through the obstacles that society placed on her and made a huge impact on education world wide. Why did Maria Montessori education method impact people worldwide? Her method contributed to the development of education. First, we have to understand who Maria Montessori was and how she improved the educational situation ...view middle of the document...

One of Montessori’s early observations of these asylum children formed a crucial element of her theory that would later influence many people. She watched children who would crawl on the floor to grab crumbs of bread after mealtime and realized that the "the children were starved not for food but for experience" (Kramer, 1976:58). These acts of moving around the room, chasing other children, and fighting for the crumbs were the only way of relieving their boredom. For the rest of the day they were locked up in a bare room. Montessori believed that each child, even those classified as "feeble-minded," were capable of learning to function in society, but each had his or her own way of discovery. This method is different from the other methods because it focuses in on what the child wants to learn instead of teaching the same material again and again. This means that the child can feel free to learn everything he wants with a few interruptions from the teacher to let children know that it is time to change the activity they are working on to another (Sunrise Montessori Preschools). Montessori decided to create her own method because she used to work in a hospital for children with mental disorders where she noticed the unhealthy conditions, so she started to spend hours in different hospitals studying the children’s behavior and trying to find a solution to why the children were not able to learn. She came to the conclusion that treating children like animals would make them act the same way (Broukal, Milada 72-73). Something that she believed was useful at the moment of teaching children was the environment. Environment played a huge role in the Montessori method at the time. According to Montessori, preparing the environment means to equip the classroom with the materials that would make it easy for children to feel free to learn what they are curious about and to explore it. Also, a good environment requires freedom for the children to learn. This means that the children have their own spaces to do what they desire to do. The structure and order should represent the real life that they are facing because when children are in their first three years of age, they are sensitive and start to absorb everything they see around them. The classroom should be a peaceful and attractive place that motivates the children to come and work. Teachers sometimes would put the children in contact with nature to encourage them to appreciate it. She believed that the children had to socialize with their classmates, so she began to make groups in the classroom to help the children to develop their social environment and share with others. Also, the prepared environment should expand each skill they have through the Montessori’s curriculum which consists of practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, and cultural subjects (North American Montessori Center). For example, the way the classroom was organized and the materials that the children needed. In other...

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