Marijuana: Its Time For Legalization Essay

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C. Montes

Marijuana: its time to be Legalized and Regulated

As marijuana is becoming more accepted in American society it is inevitable that society will back the legalization of this natural recreational drug. In recent years celebrities, doctors, medical experts, and many others have voiced their opinion that at the very least medical marijuana should be legalized and regulated. Having been to Amsterdam and seeing a society legalize and responsibly use cannabis in a safe and intelligent manner, I believe that it is the time and beneficial for America to adopt the ideas that have worked so well in Amsterdam. There are more benefits that can come from the legalization of Marijuana ...view middle of the document...

Another area of debate, which is merely speculation, is marijuana’s connection to crime. Marijuana is very affordable. People do not become addicted to marijuana to the point of stealing to support a marijuana habit by comparison to other harder drugs. Marijuana legalization would not create a spike in crime, as it does not link to crime any more than cigarette use.
Current marijuana laws have an effect on law enforcement in that it takes up the time of police officers that respond to marijuana use that could better used to fight real criminals and violent offenses. This is costing taxpayers a lot of money, when that effort can be used to fight serious crime. Another cost is taxpayer money being spent on paying for those that are arrested for marijuana possession. Jails and prisons are in many cases overcrowded and clearing up some space for violent criminals by not prosecuting people for marijuana possession or use would be very sensible and cost efficient.
Any over consumption of virtually anything can lead to harm. This includes eating, nicotine use, alcohol consumption, and just about anything else in excess. Marijuana has not been linked or proven to cause damage as much as alcohol or tobacco use when used recreationally.
Legalization and regulation of marijuana at this point in history is not only practical but also logical. A pragmatic and strict legalization plan should be put into effect so that crime rate can decrease, the government may be able to oversee the regulation of it, and it may be taxed and regulated so that it can be appreciated recreationally and not hidden or abused. Recently in California much of the THC levels in cannabis have reached extremely high levels. If regulated the government can place standards on the levels of THC that is in cannabis. While I visited Amsterdam, I noticed a very peaceful society, and yes marijuana is legal there yet it is regulated in a responsible way. Citizens are only allowed to maintain a...

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