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Misael Ortiz
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Legalization of Marijuana
Should marijuana be legalized? There is currently a debate regarding whether Marijuana should be legalized. Marijuana should be legal in the U.S. This is because there has been a lot of automobile crashes and even deaths. This is all under the influence of alcohol while others are smoking weed and with that it decreases the deaths and the crashes there is. In order to solve this issue of legalizing Marijuana, there should be a law passed.
The first reason that Marijuana should be legalize is because it drops in deadly crashes, this is under the influence of alcohol. And it’s tested that when your high there is a less percentage of crashing. According to the article “Medical pot tied to safer roads” Legalization of Marijuana” “is associated with nearly 9 percent decrease in traffic ...view middle of the document...

The second reason that “Marijuana should be legalized” is because cancer patients for Chemotherapy to increase it control of cancer. According to the article “at issues medical Marijuana” “Marijuana has been shown to be therapeutic in treating patient with glaucoma, aids and cancer patients under therapy”. This shows that Marijuana has been tested in control of aids, and cancer. What this quotes is saying is that they should legalize medical Marijuana so that the patients should keep on going to their undergoing therapy. Medical Marijuana should be legalized because of its medical issues.
The third reason that Marijuana should be legalized is because taxing medical Marijuana could promote the economy and decreases the nation debt. According to the article “Net Industries” Many proponents see the chief benefits of legalization rates and associations cost savings and more funds available for treatment from showing and from taxes and legally distribute drugs. This shows that Marijuana should be legalize because of the U.S economy issues. This would say that if the U.S legalizes Marijuana the U.S could get out of its economy debts. With the government and president legalizing Marijuana they are going to be able to control and tax the marijuana.
Some critics argue that they shouldn’t legalize marijuana. However what these critics don’t understand is that if they legalize Marijuana the president is going to be able to tax it and pay the debt the U.S owns. The best way to solve the issue of marijuana is to pass a law. As a result of legalizing Marijuana could be a way and only way to be able to get money and pay the debt. The United States needs to pass a law of legalization Marijuana.

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