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Executive Summary
This marketing plan is a means for Elite Fitness to refocus its identity as differentiated from competitors in its local market. The primary goal for Elite Fitness is help achieve a healthy community by focusing on lifestyle fitness. This will involve rebranding, refocusing activities, and redeveloping many marketing materials in the coming 12 months. Follow up and careful examination of results over the next three years will determine whether this marketing direction is having the desired effect.

Company Overview
Elite Fitness strives to be a one-stop shop for all of your health and fitness goals located in the growing city of Grain Valley, Missouri. Here we don’t ...view middle of the document...

* Create and implement a Corporate Wellness package which will be tailored to each specific company. Services will include: Personal Training, Nutrition, Chiropractic, Massage, Wellness Coaching, and a 5K/10K run series
Elite Advantages
With our current services of personal training, nutrition, and wellness coaching, by adding Chiropractic services, corporate wellness packages, and summer health camps, we will be able to stand apart from every other competitor in our local market and achieve our dream of becoming a one-stop-shop for all health and fitness needs within the community.

Missouri has one of the highest obesity rates at 30.3%, and the highest state being Mississippi at 34.9%. In the Kansas City Metro area alone, the percentage of people overweight escalates to 36.0% (Governing Data, 2015). In a study conducted by the Huffington Post, Kansas City made the top 10 list for “Cities with the Most Gyms”. With 31.4 gyms and fitness center per million people, it’s surprising this city does not reflect this accomplishment in its obesity ratings. (Klein, Sarah. Huffington Post, 2015)
The fitness centers the primarily make-up the Kansas City market are 24 Hour Fitness, Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and Lifetime Fitness. Each of these franchises offer the same, basic, cookie carter menu that most gyms do. A facility that is equipped for the DIY fitness enthusiast but will also offer the occasional Zumba or Yoga class. This cookie cutter, DIY approach is the reason that the Kansas City obesity rate does not reflect the amount of gyms in the area. There is more that needs to be done in this city that these large franchises are not offering. The community does not need a set of weights and a treadmill to generate a healthy lifestyle. The need a team of support to walk with them each step of the way. That is why the design of Elite Fitness focuses on the support, accountability, and direction needed for each individuals success.

SWOT: Internal
* Strengths:
-Our passion is to help our clients learn how to live a healthy lifestyle no matter their schedule. We provide the tools needed to help them succeed and add in the extra convenience by being their one-stop-shop for all of their fitness needs and residents within the community will see the value of our approach.
* Weaknesses:
-Staffing. In order to give the needed attention and support to our clients we will need more hands-on staff that are qualified to coach and educate our clients.

-Marketing. Because the design of Elite Fitness is not the same as the traditional fitness center, it will take specific advertising to educate the community on who we are, what we offer, and what makes us different.
* Opportunities:
-Advertising. Getting our message out to the community will generate exposure and also interest in what we are doing.
-Community involvement. Becoming even more involved in activities within the community. Along with our monthly themed races we will...

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