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Market Position & Objectives Of Thomas Cook (Ocr)

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Market Position & Objectives of Thomas Cook
In this task I will be talking about Thomas cook and their Profile, image, SWOT, PEST and how that affects Thomas cook.

History and Information on Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook Airlines is a British charter airline based in Manchester, England. It serves main holiday resorts worldwide, from its main bases at Manchester and Gatwick.

Below Is the History of Thomas Cook Right from the Very Beginning;

1841 Thomas Cook organises his first excursion, a rail journey from Leicester to a temperance meeting in Loughborough. On Monday 5 July a special train carries some 500 passengers a distance of 12 miles and back for one shilling.
1845 Thomas ...view middle of the document...

1886 John Mason Cook (son of Thomas) launches his new fleet of luxurious Nile steamers.
1919 Thomas Cook & Son is the first travel agent to advertise pleasure trips by air.
1927 Thomas Cook & Son Ltd organises the first personally-conducted air tour - from New York to Chicago for the Dempsey-Tunney heavyweight boxing contest
1928 Frank and Ernest Cook, the two surviving grandsons of Thomas Cook (Bert having died in 1914), retire, selling the family business to the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits et des Grands Express Européens.
1939 Holidays by air on specially chartered aircraft to the French Riviera are included in Cook's summer brochure for the first time.
1948 Thomas Cook & Son Ltd becomes state-owned under the British Transport Holding Company.
1972 Thomas Cook is privatised and bought by a consortium of Midland Bank, Trust House Forte and the Automobile Association.
1977 Thomas Cook opens its new administrative headquarters at Thorpe Wood in Peterborough.
1996 Thomas Cook acquires Sunworld, the UK and Ireland's fourth largest short-haul tour operator, and Time Off, the specialist European city breaks tour operator
1997 Thomas Cook On-Line is launched, making Thomas Cook the first UK retail travel agency to offer customers a way to buy holidays, foreign currency, traveller's cheques and guidebooks over the Internet.
2001 Thomas Cook is acquired by C&N Touristic AG, which changes its name to Thomas Cook AG and launches a
new logo.
2003 Thomas Cook Airlines is officially launched in the UK
2007 Thomas Cook AG and MyTravel Group plc merge to form Thomas Cook Group plc, listing on the London Stock Exchange. Arcandor AG, part owner of C&N Touristic AG, retain 52.8% of the shares.
2008 Thomas Cook Group acquires 74.9% of the issued share capital in Thomas Cook India Limited and 100% of Thomas Cook branded businesses in Egypt, as well as licences for the Thomas Cook brand in a total of 15 Middle East countries
2008 Thomas Cook Group announces the acquisition of Canada's TriWest Travel Holdings, French tour operator Jet Tours, and UK independent travel companies Hotels 4 U, Gold Medal and Elegant Resorts.
2009 Arcandor AG's remaining shares in Thomas Cook Group are placed in the stock market, resulting in 100% of the Group's shares being freely floated on the London Stock Exchange.
2010 Thomas Cook Group acquires 100% of Think W3, owner of Essential Travel, one of the leading online providers of travel-related products. In addition, the Group agreed to acquire 100% of Öger Tours, a leading German tour operator specialising in package holidays to Turkey.

All the above was copied from; Thomas Cook PLC.

Marketing Position

Marketing position is where a business will position its products or brands with the market. Bigger business will have more domination on the market compared to other smaller business this can cause problems for that business as there will struggle to survive. Marketing...

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