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By : Bryan Phua

By : Bryan Phua


2.1. Research Parameters 2
3.1. Purpose 3
3.2. Sampling 3
3.3. Procedure 4
4.1 Purpose 4
4.2 Sampling 5
4.3 Procedure 6

Palmer’s is one of the world’s leading brands in skincare - sold in more than 80 countries Founded in America in 1840, Palmer’s has fought its way to create a trusted household name. ...view middle of the document...

Thus, the business objective that our research will be focusing on today is :
* Should Palmer’s continue with their long-term strategy of establishing their brand in the face care market

Understanding this would allow Palmer’s to adjust their long-term strategy to:

1. Increase Sales
2. Establish stronger brand presence
3. Remain competitive in the local face care market

2.1. Research Parameters
The research objective that I will be zooming in in this report will be:
* To understand consumer’s key motivations to purchase Face care products
This research objective analyses not only the internal factors concerning the extend to which different attributes influence the buying behavior of Singapore women, but also external factors such as advertising, promotions and competitors.
Both Qualitative as well Quantitative research methods will be used for this research objective, however, quantitative research will be the primary focus for analysing as it entails a deductive approach that focuses on data collection and data analysis for numerical data that allows or a large number of response for the study of consumer behavior.

3.1. Purpose
Qualitative research methods would allow us to establish a better understanding about the key motivations to purchase face care products as qualitative data in the form of words would help us conceptualise and classify main factors concerning the purchase of face care products into categories. These categories would be then deduced in our quantitative research when we would have the numbers to further test our theories on purchase decisions.
We have decided to utilise focus group interviews as a qualitative research tool as it serves dual roles by being both causal and exploratory in terms of research nature. The exploratory aspect of the focus interviews conducted seeks to establish a better understanding of the general purchase motivations the target group has towards face care products. The causal aspect of the focus group interviews will examine driving factors that lead the target group to purchase or otherwise, this allows us to isolate key variables and relationships for examination. The focus will be on the relationships between face care products and a variable such as, Age, Income group, face types and trends. Simultaneously, we would also like to find out if Palmer’s current marketing strategy – its Cocoa Butter Formula appeals to the purchase decisions of our target market. Below is an example of 2 such questions
Table 1
Question | Research type | Question Structure | Data Analysis (refer to section 5) |
1. I’m interested to hear, what infuences your purchase decisions when it comes to face care products? – 10 mins - what are the attributes you would consider important? (e.g price, quality, brand, feel, functionality) | Qualitative | Focus group (exploratory) | Inductive
- Gather Data- Look for patterns- Develop Theory |

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