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Marketing Communication Essay

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The Target Audience Profile

Segment based on demographics have Gender, Age, Educational Level, Occupation
and Income.

Regarding the Gender, tissue is belonging to a daily necessity, everyone can purchase once they have needs. Either males or females will use and without distinction.

Regarding the Age, the target audiences of Tempo Kids are the children who are in kindergarten and primary school. Parents who age between 20-40 are also their main target group as they are the final decision maker.

Regarding the Educational Level, the parents are at least secondary school or above.
As higher education will relatively have higher acceptance.

Regarding the Occupation, the ...view middle of the document...

This adv not only provide a way for parent to educate their children but also give them a hope and make them believe their children can do the same as the child in adv. As this adv is not only for the parent but also the children, therefore some of the copies are especially attract children. “Although we are kids, there are still many things can be done by ourself and may be better than the adult” This sentence give children huge confidence and also the power of implement. They want to be praised and recognition by the adult and hence they are willing to use the tissue to keep themselves clean to convince. Base on above factors, we know the adv are high emotional involve.

(3) Advertising executional frameworks

Several executional frameworks are used in this advertisement.
Firstly is Animation. Beside the child, the cartoon in adv. is another main character. Producers know present in informational can not attract the children awareness but the funny cartoon can. The usage of the cartoon is to figure out the unique product feature and how children learn independency by using tissue...

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