Marketing Design And Innovation Of The Camera

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Introduction 1
Influence 2
The Camera 3
Invention & the Early Years 3
The 20th Century & Lead up to the Digital Era 5
The Digital Era 6
Product Life Cycle 9
Innovation 11
Patents 13
Marketing 14
Market Analysis 14
Difference in the Marketing Mix 4P’s and 7P’s 15
Product 16
Price 18
Why Nikon P500? 18
Promotion, Place and Diffusion 20
Influence on Society 20
UPS and Nikon 21
Conclusion & Future Outlook 22
References 23
Appendix 25

The purpose of this paper is to show the writer’s choice in choosing, the product, the camera and the effects of Marketing, Design and Innovation of the Camera.

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(Al-Khalili, 2004). |
16th & 17th Century | The camera was able to project images onto paper or glass but the concept of capturing; processing and printing the images came along much later. At that time scientist believed that light was composed of only ‘White’ which was perceived by the human eye. Sir Isaac Newton, a famous physicist and scientist, discovered that light was actually made up of a spectrum of colours. Although Sir Isaac Newton made a huge contribution to the study of optics he did not make any true advances to the camera.One of the earliest cameras called the Camera Obscura, was no more than a pinhole camera and can be traced back to 1558. The Camera Obscura was seen as a drawing tool for a clearer and realistic portrayal of objects. |
18th and 19th Century | * In the 19th century an invention named the Camera Lucida that was introduced by Cambridge scientist William Hyde Wollaston that consisted of an optical device that could help an artist view a distant scene or person or object on the artist drawing paper surface. This gives the artist a superimposed image of a subject that will allow for the artist to attempt to draw, trace or paint. Both the Camera Lucida and the Camera Obscura provided an image that was temporary, which could not be lastingly captured on to paper for later reference. * In 1822, however, French researcher Joseph Nicephone Niepce created the first photograph on paper coated with a chemical. The image did not last but it paved the way for further study and development in this photograph. * Seven years later in 1829, Niepce collaborated with another Frenchman Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre. * And in 1839 six years after Niepce death Daguerre announced that he had produced the first permanent photograph. The old saying of ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ came to life with the first of billions to come ‘stories’ or pictures. The process of capturing photographic images that would not fade away, introduced by Daguerre came to be known as the 'daguerreotype'. The word 'photography' was coined by scientist Sir John F.W. Herschel in 1839 and it is actually is derived from two Greek words 'photos' meaning light and 'graphein' meaning draw. * During the 1840's that the use of photographic images in advertisements first started and cameras made their mark on the power of visual communication. * Up until 1850, the process of capturing images was cumbersome requiring up to half an hour of light exposure. * The discovery made in 1851 by Frederick Scott Archer was a blessing since the new method termed the Collodion process called for just 2-3 seconds of light exposure to capture an image. This was a huge innovation paving the way for future innovations. Since 1851 the camera, the camera brands in particular, have been trying to create a faster, sharper form of the camera. * Prior to 1871, photographers went through a development process where they had to coat the plate with wet chemical each...

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