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Marketing Issues Essay

784 words - 4 pages

Kelizma Maynard
Walden University
Week 8 Assignment
Dr. James Skertich

Android Samsung Galaxy and Apple’s IPhone 6 Marketing Issues

In September of 2014, Apple IPhone 6 graces the market, whereas as Android graced the public in April of 2014. As both items became known to the public, there became interest from all angles. As both hold high interest, man believe that Iphone 6 holds the highest regards over the galaxy because of its technical attributes as well as it increase in phone multi-capabilities. Even as the IPhone ultimately oversells, study shows that the galaxy still holds gains major ground work with new and existing consumers. When it comes down ...view middle of the document...

While both company utilize creative marketing strategies, they aspire to gains the support and interest of new customers
Samsung Stakeholders are as follows:
* Shareholders and Investors
* Suppliers
* Customers
* Samsung Employees
* Third Parties
Apple Stakeholders are as follows:
* Shareholders (which consists of both common and preferred shareholders)
* Lenders
* Apple employees
* Multiple music Industry
* Suppliers
* Software developers
* Manufacturers
* Customers
With both phones holding great capabilities and usages, Apple Inc. and Samsung will continuously do what it takes to uphold one over another by coming out with expectations that are sure to gain public interests and most importantly bring in high amounts of sale.
Challenges and Risks
With so many great competitors out there, all parties have many factors to conquer if they want to remain a competitive edge in the market. As both companies continue to go head to head, I believe that both parties must adapt to new marketing ventures in order to remain in the public interest. In regards to Samsung, things were off to a bad start because in August of this year Samsung was eliminated from their top position within the two highest global markets in China and India. Soon after the company was dropped, it was replaced by Xiaomi, which in a mobile domestic device maker whose main mobile device is Remni. As a...

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