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Marketing Management Essay

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Marketing Management
1.0 Executive Summary
The main objectives of this study was to choose one determinant that have influence on consumer behavior. There are three sub sections of this study based on the main objectives. First is to discuss the origin and how the determinants influences the consumer. Second is the usefulness of the determinants for marketer in explaining consumer behavior. Third, the specific product that suited the determinant chosen. Next sections will explain in details work undertaken in completing each sections
1.3 Suitable product for the factors
Last topic of this study is too choose suitable product based on the factors. In order to decide the product, I will ...view middle of the document...

Focus of this sections will be on new knowledge and informations learned while identifying key issues.
1.7 Secure positions of competitive positioning
Competitive positioning is about how a marketer positions their product in the market by creating values or recognition. There are four criteria that need to be considered in competitive positioning: Market profile, market segments, competitive analysis and method for delivering values (Ansari, 1994). Market profile is the characteristic of the market, such as the size, competitors and stage. Next is market segments, which is the profile or categorizations of the consumers. Third criteria is competitive analysis of the product and services, for examples in form of SWOT analysis. Lastly is the method to distribute the values to the consumer, or in other words method to deliver the strategies.

2.0 Research and Resources
The main subject of this topic is to choose one determinant of consumer buyer behavior, this can either be an internal or external variable which influences consumer buyer decision making. Hence, the first topic that will be covered is to identify determinant of consumer behavior.
2.1 Consumer Behavior
First of all, it is better to understand the term “consumer behavior” before going in-depth of its determinant. One of definitions of consumer behavior is “the reasons and logic that underline purchasing decisions and consumption patterns, it explains the processes through which buyers make decisions” (Sahney, n.d). Another definitions is “the mental, emotional and physical activities that people engage in when selecting, purchasing, using and disposing of products and services so as to satisfy needs and desires” (Priest et al, 2013). Based on both definitions, consumer behavior is basically the “behavior of consumer when they decide to buy a product or services.”
2.2 Determinant of Consumer behavior
Consumer behavior can be classified into several categories. Four determinants disciplines were identified for this topic, economic, sociological, behavior and psychological (Ushadevi, 2013). Each disciplines have its own factors that can influence consumer behavior. For examples, economic theory covers income factors, while sociological covers elements such as family and culture. On the other hands, behavior fields includes personal criteria such as age, lifestyles, and personality. Psychological disciplines entail factors such as motivations, perceptions and beliefs
For this study, I have choose lifestyle as determinant factors for consumer behavior when making decisions. Next sections will explains the origin of the determinant theory and how it influence consumer behavior. In additions, lifestyle factors will be the main theory used to answer all other questions in this study.
2.3 Lifestyle factors: Personal and behavior determinants
Lifestyles factors fall under personal and behavior disciplines. Basically, this disciplines is about the consumer characteristic. For...

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