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Hummingbird Resort is a luxury resort located along the Placencia peninsula featuring twenty air conditioned rooms, five spacious apartments, a conference room, business center, tour desk free high speed wireless internet connection, cable television with over a hundred and twenty channels, spa, salon, bar, restaurant, laundry services, gym, swimming pool and beachfront access overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Hummingbird Resort has six cement two flats structures with one building which houses the restaurant and bar with an open air balcony catering to who loves the natural atmosphere as they dine. The value proposition offered by Hummingbird Resort is a luxury experience while ...view middle of the document...

(Pacheco, 2007) The four stages in the PLC include introduction, growth, maturity and decline as shown in the diagram below.

Since in the introduction stage my product is new to the market, considerable time, effort and financial resources must be invested to create awareness of the product. There is limited/no real (net) profit as the heavy financial investment will only reap the rewards after years in business. Heavy emphasis will also be placed on the promotion and distribution. Therefore:
- Media familiarization trips will be conducted to showcase the new product on the market
- Belize Tourism Industry Association / Belize Tourism Board familiarization trips will be used to draw attention to Hummingbird Resort from the primary destination marketing organizations
- Travel agents / tour operators shall be invited to view the product
- Trade shows participation will be used to reach the international travel agents and tour operators
- Introductory pricing will introduced to stimulate product trial
- Preferential rates will be offered for follow up nights for 1st 50 clients staying at the resort
- Brochures will be placed at tourism information centers countrywide
- Flyers will be inserted into popular local newspapers
- Electronic interactive brochures will be created for mobile devices
- A social media page will be launched and regularly updated
- Traditional print media (magazines) catering to upscale travelers will be used
- A user friendly web page will be created with online booking capabilities

Creating a web page will be my major initiative. The homepage will feature the different services and amenities available to showcase the overall product offer with substantial images (photos and videos) and detail about of the objective and mission of the resort and its location. Online reservation will be available in order for direct sales to consumers. An ad highlighting the resort will be strategically placed in the “Destination Belize” which is an international magazine produced yearly by Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) with wide circulation in the travel industry. Advertisements will be made on the local radio and television stations offering special deals to groups and a 25% discount to the first 50 guests. In the first six months a 25% discount will be given to a family of four or more. Flyers and brochures will be distributed to embassies, consulates and the local chambers of commerce.
The owner of the resort will also become an active member of business and tourism industry associations to network and develop business to business relationships. Hoteliers in the various districts will be contacted to foster a relationship in recommending each other resort for those touring the country.
Every room will be supplied with visitor feedback forms. These will solicit feedback not only on customers’ level of satisfaction but on their sources of information as well. The latter is to gather data on...

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