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Guns are simply too accessible which can lead to more deaths. Society has free reign on acquiring guns for personal use. Many guns start out legal and end up in criminal hands. An article posted on the National Rifle Association’s website stated, “Since 1991, the number of privately owned firearms has risen by perhaps 50 million. Americans bought 37 million new firearms from 1993-1999 alone” (NRA). With the rising number of weapons purchases, a citizen cannot help but speculate how all of these firearms were acquired. Another article posted on the NRA’s website stated, “FOPA made clear no license is required to make occasional sales, exchanges or purchases of firearms for the enhancement of ...view middle of the document...

No one is asking for laws that completely ban firearms. There just needs to be laws that ensure that weapons are acquired honestly by law-abiding citizens, and registered to keep people accountable for their firearms. These, by definition, are reasonable gun laws. Another thing to consider is that there were several sites, including the NRA, which stated the number of gun-related crimes has dropped significantly over the past several years.
In regard to stronger gun laws, special considerations need to be made to ensure compliance to ethical, moral and legal issues. It’s a given people will always jump back to the Bill of Rights, particularly the Second Amendment when referencing the right to bear arms. All cases that come up have to be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Everyone has different ethical, moral, and legal standards, especially if they come from different countries. This inherent diversity is what makes America the melting pot, and it is our duty to hear both sides of the story.
Ethical arguments will usually fall on the anti-gun side. The ethical argument boils down to the “Harm Theory”, which simply states that it is obvious that someone can do more harm with a gun than without one. With this theory in mind, the ethical thing to do would be restrict gun ownership. Considering our morality, it is hard for an individual to certify whether or not another individual has the right to own a gun. This is why directives have to be put into motion to address who can legally own a gun. Furthermore, it should not be on one individual’s shoulders to either accept or deny a gun ownership claim; it should be a collective consensus from a group that has looked at the individuals past and possible...

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