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Marketing Of Nike Case Essay

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Discuss the key marketing strategy of Nike
In recent decades, we have witnessed a high performance marketing of Nike which make its brand name is well-known all around the world. My belief is that Nike not only is a marketing-oriented company but also has used 3Ps out of 4Ps marketing mix model effectively, including product, place and promotion. Firstly, when it comes to product, Nike considers its wide range of products as its one of most important marketing tool. In the beginning, Nike only focused on running shoes, but, you see, nowadays, if offers a variety types of shoes, sport apparels and equipment products for all kinds of sports. Moreover, Nike did everything it could to meet its ...view middle of the document...

Industries failed to continue their growth because of their top-manager who was unable to see the whole picture of a certain market. Their goals and visions did not focus on consumer needs. The first problem is that the practice of defining the market is too narrow, therefore it prevents them from foreseeing threatens from substitutions. Take railroad industry as an example, the management should consider “railroad” as a “transportation means” rather than just “railroad industry”. Moreover, the major mistake of these industries was being product oriented, where they should have been customer oriented. The business will do better if they concentrate on meeting customers’ needs than on selling products. Therefore, the downfall of this industry is because of incorrectly defining vision by their improper managers. According to Theodore Levitt, there is no such thing as a “growth industry”, He suggests that in present time every industries could have many competitive substitutes for any products and the company which focus on capitalizing their “ growth opportunity” go into “ shadow of obsolescence” or decay. They fail to see the foreseeable threats from substitute which could suddenly kick them out their business. For instance, Kerosene in lamps was left behind with the invention of electric bulbs.
Furthermore, Theodore Levitt illustrates four strong points arguing why these industries stand still in their growth, including population myth, no competitive substitution myth, faith in mass production and preoccupation with scientific research and development techniques. Firstly, in population myth, they...

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