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Marketing Plan For Guitar Hero Brand

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Marketing Plan for Guitar Hero Brand

Executive Summary
Marketing plan plays a crucial role to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Guitar Hero brand works in music video game category of entertainment industry. To successfully establish business in particular market, it is important for an organization to analyze current situation and trends of particular market or industry. Display themes and performance of the brand are good. Currently, Guitar Hero brand is facing issues related to revenue share and interface and customer perception. For successfully running the business in Turkey, issues or problems are identified by the firm. Brand ...view middle of the document...

Current Situation and Trends

Guitar Hero brand is a music video game. In current time, music video game is preferred by the children and youth (About Guitar Hero, 2010). So, youth and children can be targeted by the firm in Turkey. It will be beneficial for the firm to attain its business objectives. Mass market segmentation will be beneficial for the firm to target its market in Turkey (Current Trends in the Media Industry: Film Production, Television Commercials and Video Games).
It will be beneficial for Guitar Hero brand to target its target market in Turkey. Customer’s perceptions also matter to develop marketing strategies in the particular market. So, for selling Guitar Hero brand in Turkey, customers’ perceptions and taste should be also analyzed by the firm to attract customers for music video game (Current Trends in the Media Industry: Film Production, Television Commercials and Video Games).
In global era, it is not an easy task for the organization to remain at a good position in the competitive market without addressing current trends in specific industry. In music video game category, current trends are as follow:
Console Game: Console games are highly preferred in current trends. In this, development of console hardware is highly demanded as compared to other games like, PC game, online games and wireless games. So, by focusing on console game, the firm can establish and successfully runn its business (Nielsen, Smith & Tosca, 2008).
Virtual Goods Transaction: Virtual goods transaction is also a current trend in the music video game industry. Low price is charged by the firms to get better equipments in the game. So, through providing this facility at low price, Guitar Hero Brand can position itself successfully in Turkey (Video Gaming Industry Trends, 2010).
Social Video Gaming: Social video gaming is also a current trend in the music video game category. Games are developed according to the social and cultural beliefs of the particular market. Through addressing or adopting this trend in Turkey market, the firm can institute itself successfully in that market (Nielsen, Smith & Tosca, 2008).

Performance Review

Performance review is a framework that helps to evaluate performance of the firm as well as employees in competitive market. Performance of Guitar Hero brand in competitive market can be analyzed through covering following points. These are as follow:
Display Theme: Display theme indicates the attractiveness of the games in terms of using musical instrument, background music and display. Display theme of Guitar Hero brand is good in its music video games. So, it helps to enhance publicity of the brand in the competitive market (Bernhaupt, 2010).
Demand of the Game: Demand of Guitar Hero’s music video game in the competitive market is high in comparison to other games like, video game, PC game and online games. It indicates the effective performance of...

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