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Marketing Plan Mask Private Investigators 1.0 Introduction The Idea Of Private Investigation Firm Is Nothing Very New. Civilized People Always Felt The Need Of Some Sort Of Specialized Service, Apart From Normal

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The idea of private investigation firm is nothing very new. Civilized people always felt the need of some sort of specialized service, apart from normal governmental services available to them. They felt the need to have some one who will take special care, ensuring his / her privacy and security and satisfy his / her that special need.

So, Characters like Sharlock Holmes or Feluda really exist on ground, who makes their living by solving other peoples problem. At present there are thousands of investigations firm at outside world who are offering a wide large of investigation and security services. But this is going to be ...view middle of the document...

2.2 Concept Development

2.2.1 Types of Services

Concept 1: To provide full-scale investigation and security service. The Security service includes arrangements to ensure proper security of the client against all possible threats the client that a client expects to face. This could include, providing armed bodyguard, Surveillance service etc.

Concept 2: Provide only investigation service and avoid providing security services.

2.2.2 Benefits / Profit Making / Business

Concept 1: Charge clients on hourly basis. Client will have to pay for every single hour those our agents will spend for his / her case, despite of the success or failure of the case.

Concept 2: Charge Client depending on success or failure of the case.

Concept 3: There will be some fixed packages with Fixed Charges. Also there will be contract services.

2.2.3 Number of Outlets.

Concept 1: Only one outlet at the Capital for the operation of the whole country.

Concept 2: One outlet each at every district.

Concept 3: Outlets at Divisional Headquarters only (initially). Further expansion to other cities will be planned later depending on demand and profitability.

2.3 Screening.
After carrying out detail discussion among us and under going a small scale conjoint analysis we decided to adopt the following :

First: We shall provide only investigation services, we shall omit providing security services, the reason is, if security is included within our service then it makes our job too colossal, specially, present socio- political environment of Bangladesh does not permit us to plan business with this service.

Second: We decided to charge our clients as per the third concept that we considered under the Benefit / Profit making / Business head. We planned to have some FIXED PACKAGES with FIXED CHARGES. (Details of our planned charges are given at appendix D) We shall also provide CONTRACT SERVICES. Terms and conditions of such service shall vary from case to case depending on their complexity, criticality and effort needed to be put in to solve those.

We avoided charging on an hourly basis, because, it is likely to earn customer dissatisfaction. A Customer who’s case could not be solved successfully but he is paying full payment on hourly basis, shall perhaps turn himself into a permanently dissatisfied customer, and that will have a real bad effect on the overall success of the business.

Again, charging on “SUCCESS” or “FAILURE” of the case is also not logical, because that will make our profit making very difficult. So, we decided to keep a flexible system with fixed packages and contract services.

Third: We decided to have our outlets at all divisional Headquarters only (initially). These cities were selected depending on the following criteria:

( The possibility of getting good number of clients
( Location of different national and multinational organizations
( Law and order situation

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