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After 43 trial days and hundreds of grueling hours of hearing, the Senate sitting as impeachment court have declared Chief Justice Renato Corona guilty.

An overwhelming majority of Senators, 20-3, voted for the removal of Corona from office, most of them noting that the top magistrate no longer deserves his post. This makes Corona the first government official to be convicted by an impeachment court.

Senators Edgardo Angara, Alan Peter Cayetano and Pia Cayetano, Franklin Drilon, Francis Escudero, Jose "Jinggoy" Estrada, TG Guingona, Gringo Honasan, Panfilo Lacson, Lito Lapid, Loren Legarda, Sergio Osmena III, Kiko Pangilinan, and Koko Pimentel, Ralph Recto, Bong Revilla, Tito Sotto, ...view middle of the document...

Article II: Non-inclusion of assets in SALN
Deemed as the prosecution’s strongest case, Article II of the impeachment complaint accuses Corona of inaccurately declaring his assets, including peso and dollar deposits and real estate properties.
In his 2010 statement of assets, liabilities and net worth, Corona declared "cash and investments" amounting to P3.5 million.
The prosecution team presented bank managers of the Bank of Philippine Islands and Philippine Savings Bank who testified that Corona has at least P31 million peso deposits.
The defense team, on the other hand, presented Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales as hostile witness who accused the chief justice of having $10-million deposits, citing transaction records from the Anti-Money Laundering Council report.
But Corona refuted these and claimed that he has a combined peso and dollar accounts only worth P185 million.
He said he did not declare his dollar deposits worth $2.4 million or around P105 million because of the confidentiality guaranteed by the banking secrecy and foreign currency deposit units laws.
As for the P80-million peso accounts, Corona said they are commingled funds that he does not solely own. These accounts contain the expropriation proceeds of the sale of the lot owned by his wife’s company, Basa Guidote Enterprises Inc., the common funds from his late mother, and some savings of his children.
Meanwhile, Corona declared five real properties in his SALN including a house and lot in Quezon City and four condominium units.
The chief justice, however, allegedly owns various properties under the name of his children, who, the prosecution said, have questionable capacity to acquire posh properties.
Article III: Flip-flopping decision
In Article 3, the prosecution panel intended to cast doubt on Corona's competence, integrity, probity, and independence as a chief justice following the Supreme Court's flip-flopping decision in the case between the Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines (FASAP) and the Philippine Airlines (PAL).
The prosecution presented FASAP President Roberto Anduiza to testify that then Associate Justice Corona was responsible for the recall of the SC ruling in favor of the alleged illegally retrenched 1,400 PAL flight attendants.
PAL Vice President for Sales Exequiel Javier also took the witness stand to expose the alleged perks and special privileges that Corona received, including a platinum card that gave him unlimited top class courtesy travel, which the prosecutors believe motivated Corona to rule in favor of PAL.
However, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile stopped the prosecution from...

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