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Marketing Project Essay

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Marketing Project Part IV
March 8, 2015

Marketing Project Part IV
Coca-Cola is one of the largest global corporations. It is one of the successful marketers in the world. It operates in almost all countries of the planet. So it has a well-designed and flexible marketing strategy. Coca-Cola has a marketing strategy called: Think- Education is essential to achieve sustainable, active, healthy lifestyle. Drink- Providing product and package variety is their commitment to consumers. Move- Physical activity is vital for health and well-being. This strategy focuses all aspects of its marketing view and strategies. All its marketing activities including promotional activities, branding, ...view middle of the document...

d). Despite sounding somewhat menial, these are no ordinary vending machines – they act as a digital portal, allowing people on both sides of the India-Pakistan border to see and interact with their neighbors and Share a Coke together. The rationale behind the idea is to break down barriers and create a simple moment of connection between two nations; which given the long history of conflict and tension between the two nations is an innovative take on a historically difficult regional tension (Outside the box, n.d).
Coca-Cola created the Coke Hug Machine. Here's how it worked: During college finals week—often a stressful time for students—Coca-Cola set up a vending machine at a college campus in Singapore that dispensed Coke cans for the price of a hug. Consumers aren't the only ones who benefit from these experiences. Coca-Cola also benefits--by gaining insight. Take the beverage brand's Freestyle Machine, for instance. The machine provides consumers with their own personal soda fountain, Buckingham explained, and enables them to customize their own beverage. Analyzing what beverages customers create provides priceless insight (Dupre, 2015).
A customer’s perception can become their reality. How the customer perceives a product is how that product becomes part of their reality and it is different for each customer. Marketers have to figure out how to project the perception that will become the largest customer’s bases reality.
One of the things that Coca Cola is working on is investing in Africa. They plan to invest 17 billion dollars between 2010 and 2020. They want to refresh Africa’s citizens, build their business, and create new economic value for the people who own and operate the 900,000 shops, restaurants and other outlets that sell Coca-Cola and 68 of their other brands on the continent. That takes investing ahead of demand on, among other things, new production, distribution and cooling capacity. As part of this project, Coca Cola has signed a Letter of Intent to launch Source Africa, a drive to secure more consistent and...

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