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Marketing Research Kudler Fine Foods

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Marketing Research of Kudler Fine Foods
In 1998, Kathy Kudler founded Kudler Fine Foods (KFF); two years after growing the branding of KFF Kathy invested in the expansion of building a second location (Apollo Group, 2011). Historically the grocery retailer expanded to three stores within five years. Kudler Fine Foods is a family-oriented neighborhood food retailer operating in Southern California (San Diego), 30 minutes from the Mexico border. The grocery retailer operations caters to customers from diverse backgrounds, such as Latino, Philippines, Asian, Whites, and Blacks as well as military and civilian customers. The business models of Kudler Fine Foods ...view middle of the document...

The founder of Kudler Fine Food understood the importance of building capital to branch out into multiple locations. This required better management of grocery retailer’s human capital (employees), ordering, restocking of products, and expansion of products to customers in different markets. No information found pertaining to the grocery retailer’s strategy for technology enhancements to address any risks, such as security, potential external risks and threats, or areas of opportunities. Failure to incorporate these components opens KFF up for potential risks negatively affecting their bottom-line.
In today’s business environment most businesses incorporate information technology in the framework of their strategy competitive strategy. By doing so they increase their ability to respond to conditions in different markets, reducing to response time for issues possessed to their customers. For example, implementation of an enterprise management system, such as Systems and Applications in Data Processing (SAP) allows businesses to better manage their inventory, reducing stock life, as well as increasing cash flow. Automation of e-commerce products broadens availability of products to customers as well as increases companies’ cash flow. Kudler Fine Food’s receipt for success includes allowing customers to place orders for catering services (Apollo Group, 2011). The proposed plan of integrating customer orders into his or her information technology platform is a competitive decision to compete against other grocery retailers operating in regional markets. This option allows KFF to increase quickly company’s revenue to sustaining their market share by implementing enterprise management software.
From a best practice approach there are two available solutions in implanting strategic information systems, including inward and outward focused. Inward approach is designed to improve company’s competitive position in the marketplace. This is accomplished by the employer reshaping behavior. For example, increasing employer expectations of managing employees’ productivity, fostering a more team-oriented environment, sharing thoughts, and ideals to promote product innovation and customer solutions (Turban). Managing talent and relationships (customers, vendors, stakeholders, employees, and distributors) is an ongoing challenge for any organization. These challenges are met by organizations using information technology as a component to their business plan as well as allowing decision makers to communicate cross-functionally to find solutions to problems affected each department different to rectify or address potential problems in efforts of dissatisfying their customers. Changes in technology present further opportunities for KFF to deliver additional e-commerce type services.
Outwardly focused software applications allow companies, such as KFF to measure upward in company’s external business...

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