Marketing Strategies Of An Organization And Its Effectiveness

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Research Topic: Marketing Strategies of an Organization and Its Effectiveness. Using United Bank for Africa as a Case Study

It’s been discovered that every type of organization both small and large need marketing to survive and continue in business into the foreseeable future. Even though marketing may not be the reason why an organization was established but it stands at the core of business activities. Every organization both those in the public sector or the private sector needs marketing so as to keep their customers, take their products and services to where prospective customers are located, and also be on the lead with their competitors.
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In whatever industry, marketing is responsible for the ultimate delivery of the services/products to potential customers and for the inward flow of income to the organization.
Marketing is also a necessary function in both the profit seeking organization and the non-for profit organization. Perhaps because marketing is so closely related to the production of income (Profit) in the profit seeking organization, the non-for profit organization is often reluctant to identify with the marketing activities which they must carry on. Thus for example the marketing executive of a non-for profit organization may be called the director of public relations or business manager.

In carrying out this research work I’ll be looking at the importance of marketing activities in financial institutions using United Bank For Africa as my case study.
I’ll be looking also at the different type of marketing strategies and their importance and effectiveness to organizations. I’ll also identify the marketing strategy of employed...

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