Marketing Strategy Of Vodca In China

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1. Introduction : Background and Opportunity
1.1. Alcoholic Drinks in China - A Market Analysis 3
1.2. The Vodka Market in China 3
1.3. Iceberg - Company and Product Overview 4
2. Market Research Methodology
2.1. Overview 5
2.2. Survey 5
3. Analysis
3.1. Main Competitors in the Vodka Market in Beijing 6
3.2. Market Share Analysis 6
3.3. Distribution Channels Analysis 7
3.3.1. Supermarkets 7
3.3.2. Online Delivery 8
3.3.3. Retail Liquor Stores 8
3.3.4. Watering Holes 8
3.4. Relative Pricing Analysis 9
3.5. Analysis of Survey Results 9
3.6. SWOT Analysis of Iceberg 10
4. Market Entry Strategy Development
4.1. Target Market 11
4.2. Product ...view middle of the document...

The western eating and drinking habits have been key influences, as have rising average incomes in China. Wine is now becoming the fashionable drink for the wealthy younger generations in China’s cities, and the “badge” drink of China’s wealthiest élite.
Sprits remain part of Chinese tradition appearing in many social activities including birthday party, weddings and other ceremonies as well as business entertainment. Traditionally spirits are the main drink denoting happiness or respect.
1.2. The Vodka Market in China
Increasingly, there has been a shift towards international white spirits in traditional Asian Market. And vodka is also growing from a small base in China.
According to The IWSR , overall vodka sales in the Asia Pacific region rose by 22.1% over the 5 years CAGR between 2002 and 2006 to reach 2.9 million of nine-litre cases. Particularly, for China, total vodka sales in China are forecast to 1.3 million nine-litre cases. This is a significant increase from the estimated 44,500 nine-litres cases sold in 2002.
Much of this development can be attributed to the growing middle class in China, which goes to exclusive bars and consumes imported white spirits and a growing number of expats and westerners visiting China. And Vodka in China is poised to grow exponentially with the rapid proliferation of the western on-trade and the on-set of a mixed drinks culture among consumers
There are enough reasons to be optimistic about the future of vodka in China. Essentially, China possesses vast indigenous white spirits categories that are not too dissimilar from Vodka: ‘Baiju’. In addition, a new generation is growing up with different aspirations and with a more contemporary outlook on the world. Scotch and Cognac are not the be-all and end-all of the drinks spectrum. Brands still matter. Vodka, with its ready mixability as well as the strong images of some of the leading brands, could be poise to become the next phenomenon and benefit from the growing wealth of a younger generation looking for ‘modern’ badges.
The super-premium vodka segment remains untapped but has potential given the growth of the modern on-trade sector and the Chinese penchant for high-end purchasing.
1.3. Iceberg - Company and Product Overview
Canadian Iceberg Vodka Corporation was incorporated in 1994. In January 1995, the company announced that it would work with the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation to produce ultra-premium vodka made by from harvested 12,000 year-old icebergs and triple distilled neutral grain spirits made from Ontario sweet corn.
Iceberg Vodka begins as pieces of ancient ice that break free of Arctic glaciers and travel south along the east coast of Newfoundland carried by the North Atlantic swell. Ontario sweet corn, one of eastern Canada’s most sought-after agricultural products, is harvested in mid-summer when sugar content peaks.
In July 1995 the first growlers were harvested by Iceberg Vodka Corporation. CNN and other television,...

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