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Defined as a simplification of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This theory has three levels; existence, relatedness, and growth. This is a simplification which makes this psychological theory applicable to the business world. The achievement of these needs make for a satisfied worker. A warehouse worker first want to feel safe and physically comfortable at work (existence), then would like to get along with their fellow employees (relatedness), and finally, would like to know that they are not in a dead end job. If it is 120 degrees in the warehouse, their first need is not met, and therefore no progress will be made. In a comfortable warehouse full of jerks, the worker will still have a ...view middle of the document...

For example, possibly an extreme example, a covered person who receives medical service could possibly not be covered because of something like forgetting to cross a “T”. All business.

11. HR
Human Resources, name for employees, or a department of a company which is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and keeping employees happy. They can implement strategies to departments for particular company goals. The functions of the HR dept. at my company which have affected me include hiring me, referring me to my department, orientation, explanation of benefits, and approval of my tuition assistance.

12. MBO
Management by objective, basically setting goals for employees as a means of management. Problems with this method of management is that it does not account for any major changes in the future. In my warehouse work, we were required to maintain a rate of 75 picks per hour. This is a decent environment for this type of management, since there is no major fluctuation in the work. It failed, however, to account that most of its employees couldn’t count to 75.

13. OSHA
Occupation safety and health Act, it establishes mandatory safety and health standards in organizations. Basically, creates a safe work environment for employees. At almost any new job, you are required to watch a video about...

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