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Marketing To Moms Us September 2013

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Marketing to Moms - US - September 2013

In addition to advertising overexposure, moms are confronted with issues such as safety, childhood bullying, health and nutrition, and the influence of social media. Understanding moms’ top concerns as they relate to her children-and her aspirations for them-can help brands tailor messaging that will resonate with moms and assist with solutions. table Of Content

scope And Themes what You Need To Know definition data Sources consumer Survey Data abbreviations terms

executive Summary the Mom Market figure 1: Total Population, Births By Race/hispanic Origin Of Mother, And Births, 2011 the Mom Economy figure 2: Moms’ Buying Power, ...view middle of the document...

s. Moms Number 85.4 Million figure 9: Total U.s. Population Of Women, By Age, 2007-17 number Of Births And Fertility Rate In Decline, Increase May Be On Horizon figure 10: Annual Births And Birthrate, 2002-12 figure 11: Population Of Children, By Age Groups, 2008-18

demographics Of Moms key Points first-time Moms – And Moms Overall – Are Older figure 12: Mean Age First Birth And Mean Age Of Mothers, 1980-2010 still, Majority Of New Moms Are Aged 20-29 figure 13: Distribution Of Births, By Age Of Mother And Live-birth Order, 2011 new Hispanic And Black Moms’ Median Age Is About Three Years Younger Than Whites figure 14: Mean Age At First Birth, By Race/hispanic Origin, 1990-2010 non-hispanic White Moms Account For A Majority Of Moms—for Now figure 15: Total Population, Births By Race/hispanic Origin Of Mother, And Births, 2011 more Unmarried Mothers figure 16: Births By Marital Status Of Mother, 2001-11 minorities, Less Educated, And Lower-income Mothers More Likely Unmarried figure 17: Births To Unmarried Mothers As A Share Of Births To All Mothers, By Race And Hispanic Origin Of Mother, 2011 married, Unmarried Mothers’ Income Gap
Marketing to Moms - US - September 2013

figure 18: Household Income Of Mothers, By Marital Status, 2011

the Mom Economy key Points moms Are An Economic Force With $2.4 Trillion Buying Power figure 19: Moms’ Estimated Buying Power, 2002, 2008, 2011 moms Are Working, Earning More, Providing For Households figure 20: Employment Status Of Mothers With Own Children Younger Than 18, By Age Of Youngest Child, 2012

moms’ Parenting Situation key Points two Thirds Of Children Live With Married Parents; One Quarter With Mom Only figure 21: Who Children Live With, By Race And Hispanic Origin, 2012 today’s Single Moms Are More Varied In Background figure 22: Moms’ Parenting Situation, July 2013 youngest And Oldest Moms Least Likely To Be Married figure 23: Moms’ Parenting Situation, By Age, July 2013

innovations And Innovators innovations In Safety for The New Mom (children Aged 0-1) moms Of Toddlers And Preschoolers (children Aged 2-5) moms Of Elementary Kids And Young Teens (children Aged 6-14) other Innovations afterschool Engagement innovative Afterschool Programs kids Kritics Approved Seal convenience For Moms the Prowl Offers Moms The Social Aspect Moms Enjoy With Online Convenience

marketing Strategies overview safety – Online And Offline parents Rely On Word-of-mouth, Bloggers To Feature Trustworthy Products independent Testing And Certification Of Safety subaru Insures Reliability, Teen Safety While In The Driver’s Seat figure 24: Subaru, “teenager” Tv Ad, 2013 confidence, Happiness, And Anti-bullying
Marketing to Moms - US - September 2013

finances kmart’s Message Of Moms’ Financial Responsibility, Back-to-school Fashion For Kids figure 25: Kmart “back To School Layaway-yo Mama” Tv Ad, 2013...

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