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Marketing Tools Essay

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The manner in which a company markets a product or service on the internet versus a traditional retail business model is very similar. In both instances, the marketing strategy will contain four key components: product, price, promotion and placement. The product is the actual good or service being marketed. Price is the amount the company charges for a product or service. Promotion is all the activities that a company engages in to sell a good or service. Finally, placement is the medium the company chooses to advertise or sell its goods or services (Schneider, 2004). The purpose of this paper is to describe the marketing tools used on three website: Amazon, Books-a-Million and Barnes and ...view middle of the document...

Books-A-MillionThe Books-A-Million website is an example of a product based marketing strategy. Books-A-Million's online customer service strategy is a simple. The design of the website is to provide the customer the with a hassle free customer service experience. Starting with the home page, the shopping experience is exiting and interactive. A repeat customer can sign into his or her individual account. First time customers create an account at checkout. By creating an account, the customer in effect establishes a profile that is used to customize the experience and offer book suggestions based on the customer's interest (Books-A-Million, 2006).The home page contained information on how to check the status of existing orders. Additionally, the site simplified the search function. At the top of the page was drop box that allowed the customer to search for books by title, author name, keyword or subject. For customer interested in viewing new releases, bestsellers or upcoming releases, the customer could click on the spotlight bottom. Customer service provides customers with the location of the nearest store. It also shows if the book is available at the local store. In addition to book purchases, a customer can also purchase a limited selection of gifts ranging from small electronics to various office and personal accessories. Books-A-Million provides great customer service to their shoppers (Books-A-Million, 2006).Amazon.comThe Amazon website plays a significant role in building the company identity. It is very easy for anyone to sell new and used products at marketplace. Amazon offers several marketing tools. The two newest affiliate marketing tools beta released by include the Omakase link and the Amazon aStore. The Omakase link automatically optimizes for the associate and the Amazon customer viewing the link (Amazon, 2007). The link observes both the product type purchased and sold by the affiliate. This Pro Merchant program allows the associate to list items in Seller Central directly on The associate is emailed when orders are placed and sold. The associate then ships items to customer.The next new tool is a web link, which is a store called Amazon aStore or WebStore that is custom made by the associate. This is where customers receive Amazon's search and merchandising technologies. As an associate, products are marketed by providing ready access to email viewers. The store can easily be linked to a single store that stands alone or added to a website with iframes or framed pages. The viewer makes everyday purchases from links that belong to associates supported by a blog (short for web log). As a result the associates earns a commission from every purchase made by the viewer (Amazon, 2007).The Fulfillment tool by Amazon allows Amazon to deliver the Pro Merchant Program and Amazon aStore in a snap. Associates have the options of having a few items or everything in inventory shipped. Amazon maintains a...

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