Marketing Vs Sales Represenative Essay

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Marketing Manager V. Sales Representative
There is a vast amount of majors one can study in college, and so many careers in those areas that one must only choose one of. It is like going into the ice cream shop and not knowing which flavor to choose since they all look so delicious. Yet, choosing a profession is very different, as one cannot just choose a job like they would a flavor of ice cream. One cannot have the Chunky Monkey today and the Cherry Garcia tomorrow, or else their life will be one Rocky Road. More thought must go into choosing the right career path; as one cannot flip flop back and forth, going from a doctor one minute to a fashion designer the next. Having narrowed the ...view middle of the document...

Marketing managers and sales representatives heavily use computers, therefore one must be tech-savvy in order to truly succeed in these careers. Some personality traits that align with these two careers are creativity, adept speaking skills, charisma, originality, strong inductive and deductive reasoning skills, outstanding communication with others, good problem-solving skills, friendly, and outgoing. Social interaction is an important part of being both a marketing manager and a sales representative. This is advantageous for those who do not like working at home or away from the actual company. These abilities will come in handy all throughout one’s high school, college, and real-world experience with business.
A marketing manager is one career that encompasses the skills previously mentioned. Marketing managers need to be adept speakers, active listeners, critical thinkers, comprehensive readers, first-rate decision makers, coordinators and have good judgment. They work with and need to know sales and marketing, math, customer service, economics, production, processing, and the English language (“Marketing Manager”). These sorts of topics are covered in many of the classes listed above. It is wise for someone pursuing a major or a career in business to take these classes before graduating. To be a marketing manager, one must be able to establish and maintain personal relationships, get reliable information, sell to and influence others, organize, plan, prioritize, think creatively, and make decisions (“Marketing Manager”). For business or marketing majors that like fashion and want to be involved in the fashion industry, although not directly working as models or fashion designers, a marketing manager would be a wise career choice since there are job opportunities in the fashion world for this career according to Peter Vogt, author of Career Opportunities in the Fashion Industry. The projected employment growth is estimated at seven to thirteen percent from 2008 to 2018 and the median salary was $110,000 annually in 2009 (“Marketing Manager”). Although young adults fresh out of college often will not begin in this career, it is something to strive for and to climb the career ladder for. A Bachelor’s degree in marketing or a closely related field is a must, and a Master’s in Business Administration is recommended for this position. Employers also want to see extensive experience in this field (Vogt, “Marketing” 183), which could begin with an internship or summer job prior to one’s senior year of high school. Clearly, for someone with all of these skills and a forte in math and business, a marketing manager would be a strong fit.
A sales representative is a very similar occupation to a marketing manager; however there are a few differences between the two. Along with the skills listed in the second paragraph, a sales representative must be persuasive and a strong negotiator, as well as be able to deal...

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