Marriage A Tradition Or An Institution

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The issue at hand is simple, is marriage between a man and a woman a tradition that has become an institution. Should same sex marriage be legal, and should the government recognize it as a legal marriage? We have equality in our society for many things, but the foundation of a marriage unites a man and a woman as one with the children in order to create the traditional family. This unity has become a tradition that Americans continue to uphold as the very foundation of a marriage.
The institution of marriage brings a man and a woman together as one another. The author creates some premises which offer support to their conclusion that marriage laws need to stay the same in order ...view middle of the document...

The original argument is the supporting of a traditional marriage. The first premise is: Marriage, in the traditional sense, has always been between a man and a woman. The second premise is: We should not change the law regarding traditional marriage because few others choose to live a certain way. The third premise is that the institution of marriage has already been weakened by adult’s desires preceding the needs of their children. The conclusion: Traditional marriage should stay the way it was intended to be, between a man and a woman. This argument is an inductive argument, which is weak, but valid. An inductive argument according to the book is “offer conclusions that, one way or another, introduce information that is not contained in the premises” (Mosser, 2011, 3.2). There is nothing to uphold this claim, and the premise does not hold up the original argument. This argument is not a strong argument, as it holds the opinions and emotions in an effort to uphold its foundation. The emotional basis in which this argument uses is not one of logic at all nor does it take everyone into consideration, there are hints of it trying to, but in all reality the article contradicts itself. These arguments state that the need for redefining the traditional marriage is not there, and that society should not change the normalcy of it because changing them would weaken the tradition. “The government isn’t in the business of affirming our loves. Rather it leaves consenting adults free to live and love as they choose” (Anderson, R. T. 2013). Our government’s way of politely saying they really do not care one bit who anyone chooses to love, but they will not recognize it in any legal aspect of the law.
In creating a counter-argument, I will discuss each premise with its conflicting views. The counter argument will show that the original statement regarding same sex-marriage should not be legalized is a very week argument, which leaves much up for discussion. Even though the premises may support the conclusion, they do not convince the reader to share the same beliefs. In this specific case, there are two sides to this tradition of marriage.
The issue in the counter-argument is should same sex-marriage be legalized. The first premise stated is that same-sex marriage is not illegal, and that same-sex couples can qualify for certain benefits that heterosexual couples are receiving. In light of this statement I recall the case of Edith Windsor, in 2010 she sued the federal government, challenging that they refund her on the taxes she was forced to pay...

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