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Marriage Life Essay

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Park, Eun Beol (Alice)
Difficulties Faced in Marriage
Marriage is an agreement between a man and a woman who love each other to make their relationship permanent and public. Every man and women wish for a perfect marriage. However, there is no such thing as perfect in this world, therefore, there are difficulties faced between married couples. Some of the difficulties faced by the married couples are caused by lack of trust, having different opinions, and facing financial problems.
Trust plays a vital role between married couples. Married couples need to trust one another to be able to live a happy life. If there would be lack of trust among the couple, many problems could arise. This ...view middle of the document...

To be able to avoid conflicts or troubles when deciding among married couples is to consider the opinion of the other. There are times when we put up our pride and want our opinions to be of the first priority. Raising kids is a matter of both parents. Though they might have different opinions with how they want their kids to be raised, we know for sure that both parents want the best for their child. And so agreeing amongst the parents and deciding and planning for what is the best for the future of the child would be best decision that could be made.
Finally, facing financial problems is another cause of difficulties between married couples. We cannot avoid the fact that financial problem is one of the usual problems that everybody faces. Money is very important and we all know that. When we are challenged to choose whether we will choose money over happiness, most people choose happiness. Because that is what we really want. In reality, however, we cannot really deny the fact that money is one of the factors that brings about our happiness. When couples get married, they would...

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