Martin Luther Essay

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1. Who is Martin Luther?
Martin Luther is a German monk, who strongly disputed the claim that freedom from God’s punishment for sin could be purchased with money. That’s why he criticized the Church’s practice of selling indulgence.

2. Why is Luther an important historical figure?
He is an important historical figure because he was the one who started the Reformation of the Church. To express his understanding about the scriptures and his beliefs about the salvation of a man’s soul does not depend on good works but on one’s faith, he nailed his Ninety-five theses in the front door of the Wittenberg Church.

3. What words would you use to describe Luther?
For me, Martin ...view middle of the document...

I also understand that there was a widespread criticism on the doctrines and ways of the church, which was led by Martin Luther. In additional, I also understand that the priests also neglected their duties in the church because of their great attachment to worldly things.

7. Why do you think the rise of Protestantism may have been seen as one of the greatest challenges to Christianity?
The rise of Protestantism is one of the greatest challenges to Catholicism because it opposes against the doctrines and teachings of the church. This is a great challenge to Catholicism because due to the widespread criticism, reformation happened which resulted in the split of Catholicism and establishment of a separate branch of Christianity, the Protestant Church.

8. What do you think about Luther and his contribution to the history of the church?
I think that through Luther’s Reformation the people were able to find true freedom through faith. I also think that the Church was not able to provide the people their desire for genuine religious life and the decaying political games of the Church caused a lot of great stress in the lives of the simple people.

9. What does Luther value?
Luther value about the salvation of a man’s soul does not depend on good works but on one’s faith....

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