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Martin Luther King Jr. As A Man Of Courage

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For the past three centuries the black population of America had been discriminated and prosecuted against by the white community. Centuries of fighting this discrimination have allowed great leaders among the black community to emerge. One such leader is Martin Luther King Jr., an inspiring and symbolic figure for civil right movements around the world. His leadership and determination in his campaigns against racial discrimination and his campaign to help the deprived people of the United States show that King is a courageous and skillful leader.Throughout his lifetime Martin Luther King Jr. staged many movements to gain rights for the black community of America. One of these campaigns was ...view middle of the document...

His next campaign was the "sit in" movement in Greensboro, N.C where African American Students had been protesting segregation at lunch counters in city stores (Byers 20). King led this campaign and was successfully able to end segregation at these lunch counters. During this campaign King was arrested along with 36 other students for breaking segregation law. John F. Kennedy himself, who at the time was campaigning for presidency, was so inspired by King's courageous act that he ordered for his release and dropped all charges against him. His selfless leadership to gain rights for the black students of Greensboro shows more proof that King was an embodiment of true courage.As black civil rights movements around the country gained many of the rights they never had before King was still not satisfied. He wanted his fellow people to have the same rights and opportunities as the white community. His next civil rights movement was in Birmingham, Alabama. His objective in this city was to end segregation in downtown stores, to achieve equal opportunity in employment, and to establish a biracial commission to promote further desegregation (LaBlanc 133). To reach these goals he organized a march to attract attention to their cause and put pressure on local businessmen. In response the Birmingham police moved against the march with clubs and attack dogs. Soon after the state court issued a law barring further marches. King and some of his close associates were not willing to stop the marches and defied the court order. They were arrested and placed in solitary confinement (LaBlanc 133). During his stay in the Birmingham jail he wrote his famous "Letter from a Birmingham Jail". After King was released on appeal, he rejoined the marchers and with renewed vigor they set out. Around 3000 more marchers were arrested and marches were being broken by police with clubs attack dogs and high-pressure hoses. All throughout this brutality King remained firm behind his non-violent policy and soon Birmingham's white businessmen and officials agreed under a growing tide of negative publicity to Kings demands (LaBlanc 133). As with his previous campaigns white extremists bombed King's hotel and his brother's house. Even with this danger to his close relatives King had the courage to stay focused on helping the greater black population. If he had been a normal man he would have turned away long ago proving that King is a remarkably brave man.In August of 1962 King's civil right movement began reaching its pinnacle. With a number of goals already accomplished he and several other civil right associations banded together for a march on the capital. On August 28, 1963, approximately 250,000 blacks and whites marched on Washington D.C. to raise the nation's consciousness of civil rights and to encourage the passage of the Civil Rights Bill before Congress (LaBlanc 133). The marchers crowded the area from the Washington monument to the Lincoln memorial listening to black...

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