Martin Luther King, Jr. Malcolm X. Patrick Henry. Which One Of These People Did The Best Job Persuading People To Bring On A Cultural/Colonial Revolution

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RevolutionsHaving a silver tongue while trying to persuade a group of people is very useful, and no one demonstrates this better than Patrick Henry. He gave speeches to congress trying to persuade them to start the colonial revolution. Although congress members were shocked, his speeches worked well and successfully brought up a revolution, or major change, in the United States during the colonial times. But it's not just having a silver tongue that moves an audience, but the technique and actions the speaker uses to get his or her point across.Malcolm X was highly persuasive, but also an extremist. He not only wanted the whites to give blacks equal rights, but also wanted to ...view middle of the document...

He explained well the three different ways oppressed people deal with their oppression. This made them realize the right way to deal with it, which is to ask for their freedom in a non-violent way. The first way they deal with it is sitting back and letting it happen. He described this as being evil because it cooperates and follows the laws of an evil and unjust government. The second way oppressed people deal with their oppression, in Martin Luther King, JR's opinion, is to resort to physical violence. But this results in a never ending spiral downwards that ends in destruction. It does not cooperate with unjust laws, but is still evil because it hurts other people. The right way to deal with oppression, as he described it, is nonviolent resistance. Instead of resorting to violence or sitting back and doing nothing, nonviolent resistance combines the good aspects from each technique while eliminating the bad aspects. Explaining this to people made them feel that they should do what is right and hold hands and work together instead of resorting to violence. This is why I feel Martin Luther King, JR is the best persuader.Although Patrick Henry and Malcolm X made good persuaders for revolution, Martin Luther King, JR, in my opinion, made the best because he showed people what was right instead of trying to tell them. The civil rights movement might not have come if it wasn't for Martin Luther King, JR and Malcolm X. But I believe that Martin Luther King, JR did a better job persuading the people to give blacks equal rights.

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