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Marx's Theory Of Class Focuses On The Relations Of Production, Involving Exploitation And Domination, Between A Class Of Owners Of The Means Of Production And A Class Of Non Owner Workers

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Marx's theory of class focuses on the relations of production, involving exploitation and domination, between a class of owners of the means of production and a class of non owner workers.The theory posits a long term trend towards increasing polarization of the two major classes and radicalisation of the working class. The theory has been adapted to take account of the growth of occupations that seem to occupy an intermediate and contradictory position ...view middle of the document...

Weber's approach to the social division differed from that of Marx in that he did not assume that economic factors were the primary cause of the structure of social stratification. He favoured a multi factor theory of stratification. Prestige or status factors could also be important, as could political power factors. In other words, a hierarchical model as apposed to Marx two class model.The Weberian theory's multi factor approach to social stratification suggst that the various factors may combine or diverge in different ways depending on particular circumstances. Unlike Marx theory, it does not predict that the social classes will develop in line with a historical trend common to all societies with the same economic mode of production.

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