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Marxism In Pride And Prejudice Essay

715 words - 3 pages

MEG-I ,2,3 & 4


2012-2013 July, 2012 and January 2013 Sessions

(Compulsory Courses of M.A. English

British Poetry-01 British Drama-O2 British Novel-03
Aspects of Language-O4


lst Year)


l$ffifl$ffiffi t&B
&ffiffin irjtlifv[R5tw

School of Humanities Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-11006

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the Compulsory ilourses of MA {linglish)



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re$ponss sheet{s.}.

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Write the Course Title" Assigrnlent Nr-tmher and the Name of tlre Study Clentre altached tc in the centre oiihe frrst page cf3'our respollse sheetis). {.Jse onl"v- t-r,-olscap size pap*r fbr vour resF}onse and tag all the p*ges carefull_v.



Write the relevant quesrion nun"rbsr with each answer. Yo* should write in yon{.oivn handwritilg, Submission: 'I')ir: completed assigiirnenf sirould be sent to thc Coardinatr:r of the Study Ccntre allotteci io .vr>rt b,v SXsf &{archu 2&i3 $or .tru[-v, 2012 session] and 3$th Sept, ?013 (for
$aneraryu ?S.*3 sessicln)" Flease read the inslructions given iir the Prograrnrne Guide,


shoLtld laok like this: The top of the f'irst pago of your resporlse sheet

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