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Explain the Marxism theory (P1)

Marxism is one of the theories that provide an understanding of how the organisation works and emphasises the structure of the society. The Marxism theory suggests how and why societies develop and change to become a stronger society as a whole. This perspective is a contradictory theory of the functionalist perspective the focuses on the conflict, class, division, power and ideology. This theory emphasises that individuals allow themselves to be exploited by their employers and is a scrutinizing system where ideas are based on the change of social changes in terms of economic factors. In order to further understand the theory of Marxism and how it explains ...view middle of the document...

The Bourgeoisie has the power of control over the working class and all the institutions such as the law systems, education etc. With the institutions controlled by the ruling class the working class children learn that they can only ever be a part of the working class however they are unaware that they are being exploited by the ruling class. The lack of awareness that they are being exploited is called ‘false consciousness.
The separation between the two different classes is an important part of the society and provides and explanation of how the society works through the capitalist system. By providing the working class with jobs to work for the ruling class they are being provided with opportunities and emotional support for the adults. The adults in the working class are being financially supported so they can look after their family. Additionally it provides children with a set of rules that they need to obey so they can apply the same obedience and respect with their bosses when they grow up. Capitalism is the solution that resolves the problem of property inheritance. However in order for the children to inherit the families’ inheritance it had to be a nuclear family with a monogamous marriage. According to this theory the family is a basis of social domination of women, lesbians, gay men and youth. Karl Marx proposed the Communist Society, where it should be based on equality, equal class relations which would be an end to exploitation. This is the presence of a society where wealth and property does not rest in the hands of a small minority group. He puts forward the idea that the conflicts that occur between different social groups create a new society.
Another key theorist is Frederick Engels, who argued that the process of family and marriage is the men’s...

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