Marxist Critique Of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

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Theodore Geisel published ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas in 1957 (Illinois, 2013). In the 50’s, North America was starting to buy in (literally) to the commercialization of Christmas. The event of reverence and celebration that it had been for over a thousand years was descending into a money-making ploy by the corporations of the world. In fact, the Santa Claus we know today was shaped by the multi-billion dollar corporation, Coca-Cola (Staff, 2012). As we all know, when Dr. Seuss wrote his books, he most often included a theme, or ‘moral of the story’ as a guide for young children to help them learn important values. In his work, “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”, Dr. Seuss openly protested the commercialization of Christmas. Seuss’s work is very ...view middle of the document...

Maybe Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”” (Geisel, 1957). Seuss, it seems, was of the opinion that the version of Christmas we know now, based on giving and receiving expensive purchases, was little more than an incredibly clever marketing gimmick by major corporations, which is essentially the upper class. In his work, Dr. Seuss outlined the difference between the upper class (the Whos) and the lower class (the Grinch). I think that Seuss’s characterization of the Grinch and the Whos is more in depth than we may thing. I think that the Grinch represents the lower classes of citizens, those who do not have the financial means or ability to conform to the commercial ‘traditions’ of Christmas. They are unable to purchase many expensive gifts, and they may have no one to give them to anyways, just like the Grinch. The Whos are the upper class; those who spend their Christmases enjoying their new toys, and their handsome feast (Geisel, 1957). Those who represent the Whos in our real world are also most likely the ones who benefit from the Christmas spending rush. In Dr. Seuss’s work, it could be interpreted that the differences between the Whos and the Grinch lead to the Grinch being ostracized away from the Whos. Dr. Seuss’s work had great influence in the way that it tried to make children and their parents think about Christmas as that ‘little bit more!” Dr. Seuss and his work protested openly against the oppression this idea of Christmas has upon many people in the communities of the less fortunate, especially the parents who cannot afford to give their child nice things for Christmas. In having analyzed this work, I think that the true meaning of this poem is rooted in Marxist values and principles.

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