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Mass Media Essay

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Nowadays, one of the most traditional ways to get the information across is by the means of mass media. Every little thing and decision in our daily lives someway relies on the information that we receive over the mass media channels. There are many types of mass media, including but not limited to Radio, Television, Internet, billboards on the side of the road, etc. These all are different kids of appearances that mass media takes in the modern society. Basically, the definition of the idea of "mass media" is very simple: a way of getting the message across, by using means of "print and electronic instruments of communication that carry message to ... widespread audiences" ( ). And, in ...view middle of the document...

However, at the sate time, media has ability of controlling the amount of the information that gets distributed, and the underlying context of this information, usually favoring some individuals that have power to influence a particular media source.One of the important aspects of the mass media in modern life is the reach of the means of communications into every corner of the globe, electronically, on paper or even using the "word-of-the-mouth" to relay the news that originated from mass media. Thus, media gets power to deliver explanations of the events to the global public the way that the people who run a particular network see fit. Of the examples of this power of the media that I have been a witness of is the coverage of the events of 1991 that had ended the existence of the Soviet Union.At the time I was back in Russia and had seen all the news coverage of the events of the putsch of 1991. As the version of the media goes, the army under the leadership of few selected officers had come to understanding that they need democracy in the state and that the current regime in the country is not what is the best for the people. Thus, they supported the emerging new leaders of this "democratic" government against the existing one. At the same time, the President of Soviet Union (M. S. Gorbachev at that time - the first and the last one) is placed under the home arrest during his vacation in Cyprus, and, for some reason, the Alfa group (Russian special ops) fails to do anything. And, of coarse, all the TV and radio channels sounded on the air, and newspapers printed the interviews with some heist ranking officers of Alfa group that had said some general speeches about their love for democracy and how their actions have supported the regime change for the good of people.If one were to analyze those events, even using those small clumps of events that really happens and got through the filtering system of the mass media, that person would immediately see a lot of the inconsistencies between the events and the explanations provided. The most obvious would be the failing of the Alfa group to free the President from the home arrest by the rebels. I don't see SWAT team doing anything of the sort of the US President was in any danger or in the situation of the restricted freedom. Special forces differ from the regular army is that they take the oath of allegiance to the government in power and their outmost duty is to protect the leaders regardless of their actions. And, suddenly, we see interviews of Alfa group officers (or were they actually from that group - technically, the information about the officers of special ops is, as a rule, classified) that "explain" the reasons why the group failed to take any action at all. It all sounds very realistic and patriotic, and, at the time, the people of the world (and most of the people in USSR as well) seem to buy this ploy and believe the given by mass media explanation and coverage of the event. This gives...

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