Mass Media Responsibility In Its Influence On Ideas

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Mass media has a huge responsibility to the public in the way it influences and shapes people’s ideas. The more the audience interacts with mass media the greater the influence it has on the viewer’s ideals. Living in a socially and technically evolving society means that like Mass Media, what we deem socially acceptable in terms of sexual roles/ identities or even body image has also changed (Silverstein, B. 1986). Mass media acts as an authority that creates a frame work for its audience to perceive reality, using this we can see how manipulation occurs through simple advertising campaigns.
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From the clothing that celebrities wear to the types of houses and cars presented we are fed with what is deemed acceptable and the standard to which we should rise to. Through such direct and indirect forms of ‘advertising’ we can see that mass media has a huge yet not so straightforward relationship with ones sense of identity. “Media messages are diverse, diffuse and contradictory” (Gauntlett, D. 2008) It presents ideas about lifestyle and identity and acts as a resource for people to analyse themselves (McQuail, D.2012).

There is a strong correlation between Peoples ideas of the perfect body and media. We live in a society driven by appearance. Thin is always better and muscles are crucial to the male identity. Such images presented as the sexual norm, is dangerous when considering eating disorders in both men and women. Issues of identity related to gender and stereo types are at the forefront of many TV shows (Home and Away and Neighbours) and advertising campaigns. Abercrombie and Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries was heavily criticized for the company’s’ ‘thin and beautiful’ customer policy and his comments In 2006 for saying that a lot of people 'don't belong' in the retailer's clothes - they're only for 'cool kids' (Thompson, P. 2013)

The concept of masculinity and femineity has evolved (Luhmann,N, 2000), (Gauntlett,D.2008) Audience perception of self is fluid and transformable. The traditional view of a woman as a housewife is replaced by strong minded, successful females. Masculine notions of manliness are replaced by ‘sensitive new aged men’ (GalicianM-L. 2004) . Such changes pave the way for greater diversity of identities. Whilst, Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered...

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