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Mass Media Theory Essay

1487 words - 6 pages


MAC 432

Tanko Halimah mc/10/221
Maduneme Emmanuel mc/10/223
Unukpo Mercy Anne .o. mc/10/224
Okebugwu Blessing .P. mc/10/225
Otoiibhi Williams mc/10/226
Amadi Sandra mc/10/227
Oseji Richard Ugodinobi mc/10/228
Musa Omokhepe Natasha mc/10/229
Obaoye Thomas Adedayo mc/10/230


It recommends more efforts and indigenous programmes and contents, if recommends mere indigenous for children than foreign, and indigenous documentary that should be.
Keywords: Programming contents, television, indigenous, local and foreign source.


Television is an important medium of communication in the 21st century, if is used for several reasons including information, education entertainment and persuasion. Unlike other media structures, television has the advantage of utilizing vision for mass communication.
Following the topic of study, which is programming contents of Nigerian Broadcast media towards and indigenizing parade on, it would be a piece-meal not to discuss what programme is all about. Programming remains a key instrument for attracting audience and determining the viability of a station. Television technology is developing rapidly and impacting diverse state of the population.

In this study, analysis is being done to ascertain the level of indigenous embedment which television programmes adhere to.
A programme is foreign if it is extracted from one of the foreign stations or has 94% of foreign contents that was not packaged by Nigerians or Nigeria. A local programme on the other hand is packaged by Nigerians, contains Nigerian elements and has Nigeria in it.
We would be ascertaining through three television stations namely; Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Silverbird Television (STV) and African Independent Television (AIT)
This study is pertinent to aid individuals realize if the Nigerian broadcast industry is dealing into Westernization in the name of technological advancements and globalization, thus disproving the African/Nigerian tenets or the industry is alienating all forms of media imperialism from the western thus adhering to care African Local progammes.
In another development, (Ezeh Nkiru 2014) posts that media exposure begins early in children and because its found in probably every of home, they spend time watching television everyday, and if adversely affects, them, n the light of foreign programming contents, what would be the fate of cultural dispositions in the nearest future. The thrusts the need for the study “programming contents of Nigeria Broadcast Media towards indigenous paradigm.

Programming and television is advancing and improvements are recorded everyday, but how many are home made?. The private owned stations, they rarely try to meet up of with the nations expectations or their personal interest, building programmes that are original i.e proudly Nigerian instead, they push the nation into the mercy of the westerners in terms of programmes.
Finally, Nigeria is characterized by illiterates and low in came earners who feed from hand to mouth, which arises the question of how many homes can afford a television
The main...

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