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Masters of War

        The “sick man of Europe” had been harried by Western powers well before the initiation of World War I, but the funeral invitations were stamped and sealed with the ratification of the Treaty of Sevres in August of 1920. The dead man’s estate was handled by the “Tripartite Agreement” of which Italy, Great Britain, and France were signatories.
According to R.U.P.E.’s Behind the Invasion of Iraq, Britain and France had already divvyed up the spoils of the Ottoman Empire by allotting Iraq’s three vilayets between themselves with the secretive Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916, in which The Kurdish Mosul vilayet was allotted to France, while the Sunni Baghdad vilayet ...view middle of the document...

The American CIA found it necessary to intervene in neighboring Iran in 1953 after the local regime nationalized the dominant British Petroleum company. The United States of America was quick to reward those who squelched oil worker strikes with arms shipments and to support martial law in nearby Jordan and Lebanon. The U.S.A. inveigled “pro U.S./U.K. nations”, namely Iraq, Turkey, and Pakistan, into becoming members of the Baghdad Pact, later known as the Mideast Treaty Organization. In 1958 a coup deposed the ruling government, executing the Prime Minister Nuri es-Said (who was caught escaping disguised as a woman) and King Faisal II and his household, with widespread support from the local populace. The new government sought to maintain that support by taking a harder line with regard to American and British interests in the Iraq Petroleum Company. When the IPC responded by drastically reducing overall output, the Qasim-headed regime signed a treaty with the former USSR demanding the abandonment of a British military base and terminating an American aid program. In 1963, after the IPC had again suppressed oil production, Qasim publicized an American threat of sanctions and was promptly overthrown by a joint Ba’ath-army faction, presumably with the support of the CIA.
        Though the Ba’aths had been ousted in the initial 1963 coup, they returned to power under the leadership of then vice president deputy head Saddam Hussein. By 1980 Saddam, who was “already effectively the leader of Iraq” (Behind the Invasion of Iraq: p 30) had developed Iraq’s military capabilities considerably. When in 1980 Iraq invaded Iran, the U.S. was quickly at hand to support the Iraqi incursion, running the gamut from the blockage of a UN Security Council resolution condemning the use of chemical warfare against Iranian civilians (provided by U.S. based Dow Chemical) [[We should probably stick citation here]], to literally planning the military operations of the Iraqi military (Behind the Invasion of Iraq, pp.31-32).
        The rationale is baffling, if rationale there is. [[ that's deep, allie. ( ._.) ]] Supposedly, our support of Iraq’s Hussein regime in the 1980 invasion of Iran revolved around anxiety following the deposition of the Shah of Iran and that ever-mystifying Cold War one-upsmanship that has characterized our dealings with all Soviet nations. U.S. foreign policy is indicative of a paranoiac mentality, in which our desperation to keep the Soviet bloc contained cultivated some unsavory alliances.
        Our foreign policy derangement is only compounded when economic resources such as oil come in to play. Like an ADD addled child, we abandoned Iraq to its war debt as its neighbors drove down the global price of oil. In the events leading up to Operation Desert Storm, we feigned unconcern while Iraq huffed and puffed, almost begging to be dissuaded, but finally invaded Kuwait, with the full understanding that the invasion of Kuwait would be an...

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