Masters Student Survival Guide Essay

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Masters Student Survival Guide

Mary Hill


March 1, 2015
John Smith, Ph.D.

Masters Student Survival Guide

Every graduate level student including myself needs to stock their arsenal with as many weapons of intellect as we can work-ably acquire. Few skills are more important than our ability to communicate our thoughts in writing, collaborate with our peers, and the sheer will to preserver through the most stressful of conditions. Even if those conditions were aggravated by lingering bad habits developed in undergrad course work. With enough effort and practice in these key areas we should not only secure the tools need to survive a graduate program, but to ...view middle of the document...

Even though I write every day, it is not currently up to the standards of some of the course I will be taken in the upcoming months. I need to start analyzing all my writing and practice writing in active voice only, using well-structured topic sentences, and eliminate cliches and jargon completely.
It also goes without mentioning that I will have to submit future research papers. I am fortunate to have so many resources at my fingertips here at University of Phoenix that will provide me with the content to help illustrate many of my ideas. Within the online library I can search course and topic specific content across a wide range of books, videos, articles, periodicals and more. The key will be checking my work and always crediting my sources.
Working in teams is not only recommended in graduate courses, it is also a requirement. There has been many times I have had to work collectively with coworkers and class mates to achieve a common goal or complete an assignment. Recently I was named chairman of an annual non-profit event for a board I serve on. We had to schedule meetings and set clear deadlines so that we didn’t fall behind. Each person was in charge of a different part of the event and had their own team of volunteers. My biggest takeaway from the experience was that I could not have made the event happen even with 2 years of planning if I had to do it all myself. We need everyone’s effort and experience to be successful.
As students we will have to work as a team and lean on one another for assistance. We can sometimes learn more from one another than lectures from a professors. Even in conflict we can learn and grow with compromise and collaboration.

Despite all preparations and devotion to meeting the demands of school, we still have to deal with the fact that life doesn’t have a pause or easy button like you see in commercials. Course work, combined with family and work responsibilities is a cocktail recipe that will surely get you drunk on stress. We like to believe that we can push through and make the grade without altering habits, but...

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