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Mat/117 Final Exam Essay

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Patient Portal
The implementation of electronic health record systems is increasing at a rapid rate. The increases are due to the financial incentives offered by the Health Information and Technology for Economics and Clinical Health Act of 2009. Stage one of meaningful use mandates that patients be provided with an electronic copy of their health information at the end of the visit. Stage two of meaningful use requires that the patient has the ability to view their health information online, to download, and/or disseminate information about hospital admissions to their healthcare provider via a patient portal (Goldzweig, 2012).
The patient portal goal is to provide information ...view middle of the document...

Not to mention, possible dangerous drug interactions from a drug prescribed by the discharge provider being missing on the medication reconciliation list along with inadequate monitoring and follow-up (Schnipper et al., 2008). In addition to the fragmentation, there is a lack of provider stability to ensure continuity of care and limited access to see a provider.
The implementation of an EHR patient portal means the patient will not have to remember their current medication list. In addition, an EHR patient portal would mean the records would be available to help improve continuity of care for disease prevention. Examples are patient reminders that can appear to show that the patient needs their flu or pneumonia shots (O'Sullivan, Billing, & Stokes, 2011).
Other opportunities are to improve lack of access which could be accomplished with a computerized phone system fully integrated with the scheduling package. Patient’s needing an appointment would be able to call the appointment scheduling line where a message would advise them of the first available appointment. The system would keep listing the next available and so on for the patient to select an appointment that fits their schedule. When the patient selects an appointment they enter their Medical Record number via a touch tone phone or voice recognition software, and their appointment would be scheduled.
For those patients that do not want to make an appointment via the telephone, there could be computer access from either a personal computer or a computer station set up in the facility. This access would be fully integrated with the scheduling package and would show only available appointment slots from which the patient could choose. When the patient finds the appointment that fits into their schedule they can choose that appointment and data input their Medical Record number. Additionally, further enhancements created by a patient portal could continue to provide interfaces to patients regarding support groups in the area (Syed-Mohamad, Ali, & Mat-Husin, 2010).
This option versus other options was selected because current barriers in the system are lack of access and fragmentation along with lack of resources. The selection of other solutions would...

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