Math 209 Week 5 Ppt Essay

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Week Three Content Outline

TOPIC and Objectives

• Solve quadratic equations by factoring.
• Solve rational equations and formulas.
• Solve proportion and variation problems.
• Solve equations involving radical expressions.
• Solve quadratic equations.
• Apply nonlinear equations to real-world problems.

Content outline

a. Solve quadratic equations by factoring.
b. Solve quadratic equations using the zero-product property.
1. Solve rational equations.
a. Solve rational equations.
b. Solve formulas for a specified variable.
c. Solve proportion problems.
d. Solve direct, inverse, and joint variation problems.
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Health and Wellness
1) Section 6.6, Exercises, problem 70 (AIDS Deaths)

2) Ch. 7, Review Exercises, problem 111 (Cold Water Survival)

3) Section 11.4, Exercises, problem 105 (U.S. Aids Deaths)

4) Section 11.4, Exercises, problem 112 (Hospitals)

c. Sciences
1) Section 6.6, Example 5 (Modeling breaking distance) and Exercises, problems 67 & 68 (Breaking Distance)

2) Section 7.6, Exercises, problems 109, 110, 116, & 120 (Breaking Distance, Slippery Roads, Speed Limit, & Highway Curves)

3) Section 7.7, Example 1 (Calculating the water content in snow) and Exercises, problem 63 (Water Content in Snow)

4) Section 7.7, Example 2 (Calculating the height of a tree) and Exercises, problem 62 (Height of a Tree)

5) Section 7.7, Examples 4 & 9 (Solving a direct variation application & Finding the strength of a rectangular beam) and Exercises, problems 65, 66, & 81 (Strength of a Beam)

6) Section 7.7, Example 7 (Illustrating inverse variation with a wrench)

7) Section 7.7, Exercises, problem 69 (Rolling Resistance of Cars)

8) Section 7.7, Exercises, problem 71 (Flow of Water)

9) Section 7.7, Exercises, problem 72 (Hooke’s Law)

10) Section 7.7, Exercises, problem 73 (Tightening Lug Nuts)

11) Section 7.7, Exercises, problems 77, 78, & 85 (Electric Resistance, Resistance and Current, & Ohm’s Law)

12) Section 7.7, Exercises, problems 83 & 84 (Weight on the Moon & Weight Near Earth)

13) Section 10.5, Example 6 (Finding the weight of a bird) and Exercises, problems 117 & 118 (Weight of a Bird)

14) Section 10.5, Example 10 (Designing a highway curve)

15) Section 10.5, Exercises, problems 119–122 (Distance to the Horizon)

16) Section 10.5, Exercises, problems 129 & 130 (Skid Marks & Highway Curves)

17) Section 11.3, Example 8 (Finding a safe speed limit) and Exercises, problem 113 (Safe Curve Speed)

18) Section 11.3, Exercises, problem 114 (Braking Distance)

19) Section 11.3, Exercises, problems 115 & 116 (Falling Object)

20) Section 11.3, Exercises, problem 123 (Seedling Growth)

21) Section 11.4, Example 4 (Modeling stopping distance) and Exercises, problems 101–104 (Modeling...

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