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May Career Goal Essay

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My Career Goal
As I graduated from High School I decided to pursue a career of Executive Secretary at Butler Business School. As my time in the school progressed I was realizing that becoming an Executive Secretary was something that I was not interested in. I completed the necessary courses to get my diploma as a Clerk-Typist. After I graduated from there I decided to take a break from school and started to work. This was a decision that was difficult to make. The only thing that gave me the courage to do what is right was my mother and my family who supported everything I did.
My mother always knew that by me not continuing my education will not get me a good job. She always stated to go back to school and better myself. As time went by it got harder for me to go back to school, and the evitable happen I became pregnant. I was unable to go to school then because I had to work to support my daughter. The opportunity for me to go back to ...view middle of the document...

My first semester there was difficult but I manage to complete all the courses I sign up for. My mother recalls all the time I spent studying at school. She was so happy that I had put my effort to complete my goal. The time when my daughter was in day care I was there in class. When I got out class I took her to her school where she was in kindergarten. It gave me the opportunity to go home and do some homework. As the time at Housatonic progressed it was harder and harder for me. I started to failed classes and I decide to withdraw from school. It was disappointing for my mother and my family to find out that I had withdrawn from my classes. I was only short three classes to get my degree in Word Processing Specialist. The family recalls that it was hard to see me give up and not complete my goal. They were disappointed to see me give up.
As years went by I just work and work to make money to support my daughter because I was the only parent she had. I had just given up in going to school. I only thought about working and making money. My mother never gave up her hope to see me go back to school and pursue my real career. As time continued I did not think about returning back to school. My daughter was all grown up and had graduated from high school and she always had told me to go back and pursue my goal. It took me awhile but I decided to come back to school. When I made my decision to return back to school my family was happy but at the same time wondering if I was going to drop out again.
Now that I am older I realize that having a career is what is most important and you cannot succeed in life without one. I have been working for H & R Block for over three years and I know that I enjoy working with numbers. I decide to register at Gateway Community College and get my Accounting Science Degree. I have completed one semester in Gateway and came to know that by me putting my mind to it succeeded in my first semester. I took four classes and I was able to receive A’s in all my classes. I made the Dean’s list. I do intend to continue my willing to succeed in my classes. By all the support that my family has given me it made me believe that I can succeed my goal to become an accountant and I will be able to open my own business.

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