Mba Incoming Student Assignment

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To: Incoming MBA Students, 2015
Full-Time Program (0101 and 0201)
From: Professor Rebecca Hann
Faculty Coordinator for BUSI 610: Introduction to Financial Accounting
Re: Pre-term Course from Harvard Business School Publishing
Date: June 3, 2015

BUSI 610, Introduction to Financial Accounting, is one of the Core courses that you will take in Fall 2015. This course is designed to help you become an informed user of financial statements. Given the duration of the term, we will be moving at a fairly rapid pace. The course will begin with a brief overview of the fundamentals of accounting (key accounting concepts, the accounting process, and the principal financial statements) and ...view middle of the document...

To make the material realistic and engaging, it is presented in the context of a new business, Global Grocer, a retailer specializing in gourmet foods and condiments, unusual spices and specialty kitchen implements from all over the world. The course describes the key business activities for Global Grocer, including its set-up and subsequent operation, and shows students how Global Grocer’s business activities are recorded and captured in its financial statements using a combination of voice, graphics and text. Students are encouraged to apply their learning throughout the course using the many practice problems included.

The course includes a comprehensive glossary and help section. There are three comprehensive tests: a pre-assessment test (with 50 multiple-choice questions) and two post-assessment tests (Final Exam 1 and Final Exam 2, each with 40 multiple-choice questions). During each test, you can go back to the chapters to review the course materials – the program will remember your location in the test when you are ready to continue.

FA requires approximately 10–12 hours to complete for students with limited accounting experience. However, the course is likely to take longer for students with no prior exposure to accounting. Some students may need to go over the course more than once before attempting the post-assessment test. Do not underestimate the time and effort needed to complete the course. You are urged to register for FA and begin studying the course material as soon as possible. Do not attempt to digest all of the information in one or two sittings, but rather, break it up into smaller pieces. The table of contents for the course is attached on the last page.

Requirements and Grading Scheme:
• You are urged to register for FA and begin studying the course material as soon as possible.

• The first post-assessment test, Final Exam 1, is required. You must complete Final Exam 1 by 6:00pm on August 9, 2015. Your test score (including performance on each problem in the exam) will be reported directly to your faculty instructor on the due date. If you only take Final Exam 1, this will be your final FA score. You will have only one chance to take Final Exam 1.

• The second post-assessment test, Final Exam 2, is optional. If you complete Final Exam 2 by August 9, 2015, I will choose the higher of the two scores as the final FA score. While you can still attempt Final Exam 2 after August 9 as an exercise, your score will only count for the course grade if you complete the exam by August 9. Like Final Exam 1, you will only have one chance to take Final Exam 2.

• Your performance on the...

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