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Personal Statement
Advanced Study in Management

My academic goal of entering into a Master’s of Business Administration program would ultimately allow me to achieve my career goals. I believe the best way to address both my academic and career goals aims would be to first enroll in the Advanced Study in Management certificate program. This program would allow me to further explore my business related interests and help me transition from work life back into an academic setting. I believe the Advanced Study in Management certificate program would help me to make a better informed decision on which area of Business would be most beneficial to my career objectives.

Both in my role as an undergraduate student and in the workplace, I have grown and thrive in leadership ...view middle of the document...

We raised funds to travel nationally and internationally, teaching English at an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. These leadership roles have allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills. I believe that I can further refine these skills in the Advanced Study in Management program.

I began working at Northeastern in December of 2011. During the interview process my interviewers explained I would be walking into a disorganized, chaotic, fast paced role and they were looking for someone to add organization, processes, and structure. In my short time in the department I reconciled the budget as well as created a solid three year projection. I also examined spending habits and sought alternatives for cost savings. At the time of my hire, the University was embarking on event season. In collaboration with the Events department and as project coordinator, I coordinated the 25 Year Associates, Service Recognition, Retiree dinner and End of Year Celebration.

Joining the Northeastern family has inspired me to explore and broaden my knowledge base as well as further my education. In my day to day interactions with students, staff, and faculty I am consistently impressed by their expertise, fund of knowledge, work ethic, and kindness. This environment motivated me to enroll in the Advanced Study in Management program. Whether it is the programs I created and facilitated as an undergraduate, or the organization and structure I bring to my current workplace, I am satisfied with my accomplishments and take pride in my work. My goal is to make similar contributions in the classroom in the Advanced Study in Management program and ultimately transfer those skills to my daily work at Northeastern. I am confident this experience will give me the tools for a life of fulfillment and accomplishment.

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