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Mc Donald Essay

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Process flow chart
ANS .Order entry = 0 min (given)
Wash/add/mix=6 min(given)
Spooning =2 min
Heating Oven= 1min
Baking process= 9min
Remove cookies= 0min
Cooling them=5min
Packing them=3min
Therefore, in order to fulfill the order it will take 6+2+1+9+0+5+3 = 26min
So in rush hours it will take 26min to complete the order.

Ans. Bottleneck of baking is 10min per dozen i.e. 6dozen per hour
Therefore operating time =60x40 =240
The time taken in the rush hours is 26min per dozen
Therefore, 240-26= 214/10(where 10 is the ...view middle of the document...

We already know from the question above that 
our labor costs for producing 1 dozen cookies is 12 minutes and it changes for 2 and 3 dozen 
cookies. For 3 dozen cookies the labor cost is not a direct multiple of our 12 minutes. Instead 
it is for me: Clean Bowl, Add ingredients, and Mix 6 
Same for 3 dozen: 6 Dish Cookies onto Tray 2 
Total 12

5. How many food processors and baking trays will you need? 
ANS. As we know that the bottleneck of this process is the oven; this means that having more mixers will not improve processing time, thus we will only need 1 mixer. By mixing 3 dozen cookies at once we need to wait for the oven to bake the cookies. Because we can only mix 3 dozen cookies at once we would only need that amount of baking trays. But to The most that can be filled are 3 baking trays and the trays can only go into the oven. One at a time. Be on the save side we would buy more than 3 baking trays.
6. Are there any changes you can make in your production plans...

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