Mcdonald’s Need For Localization In The Company’s Global And Local Marketing Mix In Order To Appeal To The Indian Culture

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Problem Statement
McDonald’s need for localization in the company’s global and local marketing mix in order to appeal to the Indian culture.

Possible Alternatives
* Localizing the Product
* Localizing the Place
* Localizing the Price
* Localizing the Promotion

Localizing and adapting McDonald’s menu items to cater to the Indian culture while maintaining the company’s global strategy.

Recommended Solution
McDonald’s in one of the leading fast food industries in the world, not to mention one of the most recognizable symbols in the world.  When I think of McDonalds I picture the golden arches with some 16 year old kid inside making my greasy burger ...view middle of the document...

  So, McDonald’s is possibly missing out on customers that may want to eat meat just not from a cow.  With 70% of the country wanting to eat meat there has recently  been an influx of buffalo meat being used as a substitute for beef and pork.  The slaughtering of buffalo has doubled in India from 1980 to 2000, I imagine with another ten years of economic and population growth, the number of buffalo being processed for consumption has continued to increase (India,2010) .

There are also other alternatives to eating beef; the Indian people will eat chicken, lamb, duck, and even pizza.  Fast food chains like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Pizza Hut, Dominoes, and Taco Bell are just a few fast food chains entering into the Indian market, and of course avoiding serving beef or pork.  Kentucky Fried Chicken doesn't serve beef in there restaurants but they still stumbled when establishing their stores in India by not changing their product from what is sold in the U.S.  What KFC soon found out is that the Indian people do not like the skin on their chicken; needless to say KFC had very low sales and adjusted their product accordingly to the culture of the region.  It’s important to remember that a little research will go a long way when entering into a foreign market even if you are not selling beef like KFC, they overlooked what the people of that market segment prefer or dislike and suffered losses and set the company back a step with establishing themselves in India.  (Goyal, 2007)

McDonald’s opened its first Indian outlet in New Delhi in 1996. Fourteen years later, the company now operates in 170 locations in India and will invest $108 million to add another 120 over the next three years, according to Vikram Bashi, managing director of McDonald’s India (Chatterjee 2009). Once grateful to simply experience simple imported brands like the rest of the world, today, Indian consumers enjoy major brands that are not just made in...

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