Mcluhans Theoty Of Mass Communication Essay

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Anna Valitskaya
Theories and Models of Communication
Professor Ernest Hakanen
5 November, 2013
Paper #2 Face Negotiation Theory

Sometimes I find myself thinking how much more studying in America makes me expose myself to other cultures. I am a Russian girl, dating an Arab guy, working at the Indian restaurant, where the chef is from Honduras. Three years ago I would not even imagine this life, but now it seems so casual and normal. I come from very central part of Siberian region, where there is almost no diversity. People get confused when seeing a black person, or a girl in hijab because they do not match mental templates of many russians. Also, when the reaction is unknown, and ...view middle of the document...

However, it cannot be true for the whole country, but only for most parts of it, excluding major cities such as Moscow or Saint Petersburg. There, people more I-oriented, independent, and aggressive. The rest of the country does dislikes people from the capital because they are so similar, but face-negotiation is various ar the same time.
Since most of my life, I have spent back home, I have noticed the difference of my own difference of conflict manager in America and there. For example, having a group project in high-school in Russia was always a good pleasant thing to do, like verse in college in USA. There, when the project was given, a group worked together, and if the conflict appeared, everyone would try to solve it (using more of obligating and compromising approaches). After high-school experience, I have disliked working in groups in America, since it was not the way I was used to. Everyone divided tasks, and not depended on each other that much. Someone had to dominate the process, and there was never feeling of a group unity. Over time, I believe I understood the individualistic culture values, even adopted little of it, and working in such groups became easier to deal with.
At the same time with the adaptation to American - individualistic culture, I had a big impact of Middle-Eastern culture on my mind-set. From my first experience with Muslim arab people, I fould the communication with them very comfortable. Now, after reading the Theory, I realized that it have happened because we all were coming from collectivistic cultures, but with a little bit of an individualistic flow. I think, what really identifies...

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